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RS2 - rock hard brake pedal after refurbishing PAS pump

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    A long overdue update:

    Alex (Error404) did an absolutely amazing job refurbishing my RS2 tandem vane pump. As far as I am concerned, it is as good as new. My mechanic replaced the loan pump I borrowed from AndyC (which also works very well) with my refurbished pump and I have driven a few hundred faultless miles since. The performance and fuel economy seem much, much better than before my pump decided to leak. I don't know if that is all due to the refurbished pump or a combination of the refurbished pump, the new high pressure hose and the new "bomb". I don't understand it but I am delighted with the result.

    Alex, you are a complete star and I would trust you and recommend you to refurbish anything on these cars that you are comfortable doing. Thank you very, very much.

    AndyC, I will send you a PM as I still have your working pump to return to you. Thank you very, very much too.

    Bosch have eventually come through and delivered a new RS2 tandem vane pump - KS00001375 (8G0145165X) - which I collected from my mechanic today. I will not fit it but will keep it as a spare as it cannot be any better than my pump refurbished by Alex. I would recommend Alex first but, in case anyone needs a new pump, I paid £250 + VAT to my mechanic for the new Bosch RS2 tandem vane pump only (without the pulley / housing). That is 20 to 25% of the price from Audi, I think. I don't know if / how well it works but will assume it is fine. I did not need to exchange a pump to get the new one from Bosch.

    Again, I am very grateful for the help and advice received through this wonderful forum. Thank you.


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      Any chance to get X plug O ring? Mine is leaking and O ring looks like quite atypical. I used some similar to OEM but whole servo oil filling flush on my engine bay.. messy like hell
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        Thread resurrection - apologies.......
        So I've also had the weaping problem frm the top X plug on my RS2, so decided to replace it. I managed to get 2 X plugs an 2 o-rings frm Audi. Here on the southern tip of Africa, Bosch don't have their act together and advised that I can only get the X plug from Audi.
        Anyway - got the plug and replaced it - with the help of a mechanic. Was OK for about 10kms and boom, now leaking/spraying from the X plug - no longer just a weap. Tried the other and same thing .
        Reading this thread it seems that my option is to replace the pump........not many parts available here
        Is there a specific procedure that one needs to follow to replace the X plug? OH just FYI, almost impossble to get a drag link socket here (or I just didn't look hard enough).
        Used a chisel and hammer to loosen the old one and used a biggish screwdriver to tighten the new one - also tapped with chisel to tighten as much as possible.
        What am I missing? any and all help will be appreciated.
        I did notice that the X plug/screww worked itself loose - hence I'm thinking there migh be a specific process to insert the X plug.......I read somehwere tha the rubber o-ring should be left in the G 000400 oil overnight ??
        PS - one thing I did notice with the new X plug - the threads on the screw are extremely sharp.....
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          There is likely to be a burr on the thread in the pump housing - you need to check and de-burr if necessary. You need to torque the X-plug properly. There is no spec AFAIK but I go to 110nm.
          I made a tool from EN30 and flame hardened it. Before you ask I have since "lost" the tool in the garage.
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            Thanx Error404....appreciated the feedback - I'll try what you've suggested!!!!