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Interior light problem.

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  • Interior light problem.

    Hi everyone,
    '93 80 B4 Sedan LHD, the interior light used to light up when someone opened a door, or when you get the ignition key out of the socket. Now all of them light up ONLY when you manually turn on the front passenger side lamp, each one works on its own, when turned on manually. Any ideas?
    Part. number for central locking pump : 4A0 862 257 J

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    When something similar happened to mine there was a break in the wiring loom to the pump, under the carpet in the front footwell.
    Could also be a break in the rubber boot in the driver’s door shut.

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      After a brief search, I concluded the same think, the interesting bit is that when I turn off the car and take the key out everything goes on as it should, it just wont go when a door is opened.


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        NiGh7 did you resolve this? I have the same problem.


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          How strange I just opened the car and the interior lights worked.

          Intermittent fault by the looks of things. How nice Now I must find the connection issue.