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    I have read that if the resistor plate burns out at E2 you would lose the after run fan stage as well which does not appear to be the case. Makes sense as the after run goes through 2 resistor drops (E1 & E2). My 60A fuse theory is also suspect as I think it would effect all the fan stages as it supplies Bat 12V to them all.
    Once the car is back we can try and work out whats going on.
    Who knows. You might be an electrical Warlock yourself!

    No 12V down to the rad switch would mean no 1st and 2nd speed fan stages. For clarity, I am referring to the Audi meaning. If we include the after run then there are technically 3 speeds.
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      Well.... Tractor Dave popped over to cast another eye on things and he spotted some corrosion on the rad sensor plug terminals. Turns out that was all that was at fault. Cut the plug off, connected wires and I have fans. Also in the process I fixed the after run system with a new relay. Many thanks for all the ideas folks.... Appreciated.

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