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RS2 speedo reads low and is lazy

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  • RS2 speedo reads low and is lazy

    Hi guys,

    One of the final jobs to do on the RS2:

    The speedo constantly reads about 20-30kph too low, and it is quite lazy in its response.

    Is this a known issue/certain component? I've had it out to check, but didnt go as far as dismantling it yet. But before taking it out it would be closer to reality although also lazy and would need a tap on the dash to make the needle go up (or down if needed)... now its even worse. I've played a bit with the 4 small pins of the speedo-unit, but no difference...

    Channel 17 in the climate screen reads perfect speeds.

    Strange thing is that it works, so no intermittent on/off situation.


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    Mine is the same. Let me know the fix
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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      He also had speedo problems if you check out some other of his posts!