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  • Trip computer

    Alright guys

    Prob a subject been answered before. Looking for your input or pointing me in the right direction.

    Since owning the s2 the trip computer only works for two items. Miles left in tank and time since filling up.

    Mpg, average speed and the others do nothing. Mpg stuck at 23.7 figure and average like 1!!

    How do I go about fixing this problem??

    Thanks in advance Chris

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    The yellow wire from the trip computer loom to the ECU will be broken / deteriorated / disconnected
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      Alex does this yellow wire run down to aux panel then across to ecu??? And is it more likely to be busted nearer the speedo or ecu??

      I searched all relevant threads to no prevail, and boom it's a yellow wire


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        follow the wire from the black small plug on the back of the dials that goes to the stalks, one wire comes off this.


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          Thanks for that. Guess get the speedo out and have a look.

          So guess that it's common for the other two readings to work??

          Assuming fuel is running from a fuel sensor and time since reset is just built into auto check trip.


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            take the dash out underneath the steering wheel, you will be able to see the plug on the back of the dash and the wiring going to the stalk, follow this down as you'd only have to take that panel out anyways.


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              The dash portion your on about is the trim under the steering wheel or the speedo which hides all the wiring loom??

              And you suggesting if this is the case I can check without taking the speedo out??


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                Could this not be related to your other problem of G68, vehicle speed sensor .. no signal ?

                ... I'll get me coat

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                  See was thinking this also.. But chasing around these threads sends you on mega long trials and tribulations. But I love it

                  So speed sensor is located where??? Gearbox solved

                  But reading if the car isn't running then it shows?? Ignition was on but not idling this make any difference


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                    Speed sensor is plugged into gearbox, think it's n/s when I had it out for a clutch change. Not sure where it goes from there but I don't think it's directly to the speedometer.
                    1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                      My speedo works fine. My trip computer since owning the car hasn't work as mentioned above.

                      The fault code thrown up early the G68 but reading more in threads, likelihood cause the car wasn't running.

                      Edit above ^^^
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                        Here's an interesting thread, must be related to the issue you are having right now


                        As from that thread, G68 is actually different sensors, not the Speed sensor itself.

                        G28 isn't relevant as that only shows up when car is not running.
                        1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                          I like that thread thanks for that. Wish there was some follow up. Least gives me three sensors to check out


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                            It could be a wiring issue like error said, if it's throwing up a code, maybe cause there's no signal because of bad wiring?

                            Have you had the tacho out before?
                            1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                              G22 G21 and G54 where are these sensors??

                              Nothing pinpointing in threads as a closed search.