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  • Hoffer Turbo value

    Alright lads,

    Looking to free up some funds for a B5 S4 ECU that i'm wanting to buy.

    I have a Hoffer hybrid turbo that i bought some time ago and very much doubt i'm going to use, so may as well sell it on. I've already got a standard RS2 turbocharger which is a lot of fun but looking to fit a Volvo 7400 to try that out.

    The Hoffer turbo is basically a mix of an RS2 cold side mated to a K26 variant hotside. I took both housings off to take measurements etc so will have them somewhere to show dimensions.

    The Turbo smokes when cold but when warms through clears. I was using too thin an oil when i had this turbo fitted so perhaps the smoking would have improved with the correct oil.

    In the interest of fairness i'm trying to gauge what it's worth.

    What would be a realistic price for it?


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    If it didn't smoke I would say £450 dependant on mileage on the unit. If it smokes, the buyer is taking the risk of potentially needing to rebuild it. That's a £350 rebuild to factor in with balancing, etc. You'll get what someone is prepared to pay for it.
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      Not sure what mileage is on it, I put a set of clocks on the shaft to gauge play, think I was getting 0.2mm on the turbine end and 0.1mm compressor end. This is side to side play. I only ever had it on the car idling after I finished refurbing the head, never had it out on the open road so can't comment on how it went.


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        A lot of brand new RS2 turbos smoke on startup, I wouldn't be too bothered by that

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          Yeh my own RS2 turbo smokes when warming through then fine after that, it was meant to have around 80k miles when i bought it but how accurate that is i don't know. Certainly goes well anyway.


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            ive got a std 98 b5 s4 ecu spare the engine immo was locked on causing car not to start so audi at the time changed it under warrantee .
            if you can sort that out i will sell it to you for £40.00 & carriadge


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              Cheers for the offer Dobbin, i've actually found one from a Swedish guy on the S/RS forum. I was looking for a de-immobilised one with an aggressive map for the KO3's. All sorted now i think. Cheers


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                I think you will struggle to get more than a couple of hundred pounds for it, I have one and had it for sale for a while with no interest
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                  Yeh perhaps there won't be much interest, i'm sure it will sell at some point. Onll takes one i guess. Is your one a Hoffer hybrid? I'm intrigued to hear how you found the power delivery.



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                    Keep onto it till it sells, I had one of Hoffer too brilliant turbo mine was the same smoke on startup then cleared, I left mine about half a day then re started it perfect no smoke, it's worth £350 all day


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                      Ah that's interesting to hear Nip, thanks for the heads up regarding the smoke on startup. That makes me feel a bit better selling it on as it is. I think you made good power with one of these did you not?


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                        I did gmac I made 396 hp it was a really good turbo


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                          Does it work with rs2 chips?


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                            Not sure how well it would work with RS2 chips since i only ever had it idling in the garage, never actually had it out on the open road. Perhaps someone else has tried that combo. I've got RS2 homefry chips that could go with it if there was any interest. I found the TS tuning chips a more aggressive power delivery so using them instead.


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                              I had a hoffer turbo with rs2 injectors 3 bar fpr and ts chips it was very lively at top end but laggy on bottom end I recon with a custom map on one of these from automark would be great road going setup I would say £400 it’s worth