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S2 ABY Coupe four loose spark plugs

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  • S2 ABY Coupe four loose spark plugs

    As part of my S2 to RS2 upgrade the spark plug conversion was next.

    What I found was 4 of the spark plugs loose each one had about one full turn before it was secure.

    So I pulled out the old system and fitted the new conversion kit, all I need to do now is clean the spark plug bores, replace the spark plugs and fit the new R8 coil packs.

    I am hoping the threads are all still ok.

    Any advice on cleaning the spark plug holes.
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    Should have listened to Dave:
    item 1 in the list.....


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      Could not agree more Dave gives great help.

      An Audi dealer did the last service on the car and since that time it has done less than 1000Km. I did not consider that they would have come loose after driving such a short distance.

      Due to the great advice on this forum I had already purchased a cable upgrade kit and new plugs ready for my conversion. Had I not gone that route then I would have done a normal service but that would have been way to long, would most likely have blown a plug out before then.

      The reason for posting this was as another reminder for anybody to check your plugs and to see what almost happened to me. The short time I have driven the car I could not tell it had a problem like this.

      My other reason for the post was to get advice on how others have cleaned the plug bore ready for the new coil packs.

      I was going to wire brush them and then vacuum the dirt out before removing the old plugs.


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        Use a toothbrush and then a vacuum cleaner with a piece of hose pipe gaffer-taped to the end of the vacuum's hosepipe to suck out the debris before taking out the spark plug.

        Air line and goggles.


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          Did they charge for new plugs at the last service? Have a look at the crush washers on the spark plugs, I reckon someone spun them in and didn’t torque them down.

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            Not going down the blame route just going to clean it up and fit the new plugs. Hoping to use the house bosses electric tooth brush

            No air line at home vacuum cleaner will have to do the job. Will try to loan a blower.

            Will photo what the spark plugs look like when they are out.


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              Originally posted by Henkjan View Post
              Should have listened to Dave:..
              People still don't believe that the plugs will come loose on their own.

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                I took all five plugs out and checked the thread all appears ok.

                What I did find was what appears to be 5 original Audi/Bosch spark plugs. The plugs look like they have never been changes. And I trusted Audi to change these. Hope Audi SA see this post.

                Two of the spark plugs thread has stripped and the screw connection just slips on and off.

                Just as well there appears to be no damage.

                Guess which is the new plug.
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