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Tips on changing injectors S2 ABY. Remove originals and fitting Bosch 440cc

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  • Tips on changing injectors S2 ABY. Remove originals and fitting Bosch 440cc

    Having completed the Turbo upgrade its now the turn of the injectors.

    Anybody have a write up, any tips or advice.

    Turbo job was bad enough. Hope this goes a bit better.


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    You might want to read this for some hints (like buying and installing new injector inserts and O-rings at the same time)

    AAN Intake Removal R&R (with injector insert replacement):

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    94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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      Yep read that and I was hoping the original inserts were still ok. Will read it again about another 10 times.

      I did buy an original set of inserts from Audi ready to put in if the originals fitted are damaged.

      Are these a normally changed when fitting new injectors.


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        As far as I can tell the existing injector inserts are still ok (not leaking) tempted to leave them alone and just replace only the injectors.

        Nice link I just read it again. Still not sure if I need to replace the inserts. New Bosch injectors come with O-rings.


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          Disconnect the electrical plugs and hook them out of the way.
          Then just undo the 2 bolts holding the fuel rail down and lever the rail up, it will pull all the injectors out of the IM.
          One at a time, remove the clips holding the injectors to the rail, pull the injector out, replace with new injector and reinstate clip.
          Always grease the O rings before plugging in so they slip in easily.
          When all injectors are changed, grease O rings and IM insets and push the rail back in place.
          Replace the 2 bolts.
          Plug in.
          Change ECU or it will run well rich.
          Start car.

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            Testing the ECU first. If car starts it will run lean for a few seconds I hope its not an issue. Then the injectors will then be installed. Providing the inserts are ok.

            Grin Grin

            I cannot wait.


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              Good call to leave the inserts alone if they aren't leaking. They have a habit of falling apart during removal with the pieces disappearing into the engine.

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                I definitely hope they are all ok.