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Help with EVAP line removal

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  • Help with EVAP line removal

    Wondered if anyone could help. I am have changing the rusted fuel lines on my ABY coupe.

    To make the job easier I was looking at deleting the EVAP line and venting the fuel tank to the atmosphere.

    In doing this would I need to seal the end that leads to the EVAP cannister, or leave it open to the atmosphere aswell?

    Also, at the fuel tank end should I use a one way valve or small air filter?

    Any info apreciated.

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    Just wondered if any one could help with the above?

    Hoping to get the car back on the road soon. I Have been trying to research the subject but havent been able to find the answers.


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      Sure there is a thread on here try a search


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        Thanks Rikki,

        I had been searching, but didnt find anything. However, just tried again and found some useful info in this thread:

        I now know that I need to blank off the EVAP line at the canister end, and allow the fuel tank to vent at the other end.