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  • Audi S2 ABY Radiator


    Can someone point me into the direction of where I may be able to get hold of an S2 Aby Rad (still using the Aux Rad) ?

    Tried the dealers longer available


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    I got my unit a couple of years ago through Bennetts. I know theres 2 types you can get but i cant remember the brands. I think one has the metal top and bottom caps and the other has plastic ones and i know one of them are renowned for leaking but i cant remember which and I cant remember what one I got im afraid. Im sure someone with the knowledge will be along soon to give some better help than I have.


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      What has happened with your rad,is it leaking somewhere?

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        Originally posted by bertman View Post
        What has happened with your rad,is it leaking somewhere?
        yes its leaking from one of the bars and the fins have corroded and are falling out.


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          Another option is going custom made , I’ve had both main and aux done with deeper cores


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            Pete @ quattrocorner?
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              Originally posted by Fat Audi 80 View Post
              Pete @ quattrocorner?
              Cheers !


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                  I didn't think the Nissens rad's where very good John. Not for sale but i have got a new hella one in the garage. Payed £140 i think. I can go have a look at the part number on the box if this helps. Regard Lynn
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                    Nissens have changed their design, they have plastic end tanks now like the original.
                    I needed a new one asap a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find a Behr one so I didn’t have another option, I didn’t want a used one.


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                      All the options are on under the OE part number of 893121251S, as of today only the Nissens one at £95 is showing as in stock.


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                        Be very carful using these clowns at Autodoc. A lot off the lads have had trouble with parts being wrong and returning them even more so. I got my ones from Motor parts direct with out any problems. Maybe worth a call ask if they can help. Good luck. lynn


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                          Behr/Hella p/n is 8MK 376 711 281
                          Order through a Hella dealer.

                          NEVER buy from Autodoc - sure it looks cheap, but lots of it is counterfeit - I have had fake FAG wheel bearings and fake Reinz gaskets from them in the past. Their stock status is absolute fiction (They stock NOTHING and drop-ship EVERYTHING) and their service is the worlds worst by a long margin - getting a return or refund is nigh on impossible.
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