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  • Headlight refurb

    Just wondering is there a reflective paint out there somewhere to do the inside of the headlights?

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    It is possible to re-chrome them but it's not a DIY job.


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      Hi, that's a topic I've been interested in for a while. I cannot find any company that can replenish the reflectors when they are made from plastic.


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        Don't bother looking for paint, it will be a waste of time. Look for 'vacuum metalising' or 'headlight resilvering'... Not had it done myself but it's possible.

        I seem to recall reading somewhere about a ur restoration and the owner had their lamps done. They came back as new but cost pretty much as much as a new unit. If new units (or good second hand) aren't available then resilvering is our saviour.


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          I would like to get mine done, am getting my car totally refurbed hopefully in 6 weeks and they are just starting to fade. Anything up north is good lol!! I think theres a guy on here called Andy I think he got his done not sure though


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            I had the reflectors done on the Ur, they’re like new! Think it was Ur quattro Rob who got them done. This resto has been going on for about 8 years so I forgot

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              newsh .... go on then, tell us how much....


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                I had mine done here, I'm sure it was around £160 for a pair of ellipsoids, and they broke one of the fittings Chroming was spot on though.

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                  They are obviously in Birmingham, did you strip the lights first and what about the lower spot lights which are sealed to the glass lens with the only access through the bulb holder...


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                    By lower spotlights do you mean the fog lights? Beleive it or not - they don't have the same metalising 9n the reflector... Because it 8snt a reflector. The bulb is behind a projector style lens and doesn't require a silver plated reflector to help sned light up the road. The silver you can see behind the glass is simply painted silver plastic.

                    I'm guessing yours appear yellow?

                    They do turn yellow but can be restored by removinf the glass and repainting the yellow areas before gluing the glass back on. Heating for 15-20mins in the oven at a low heat softens the adhesive seal enough to get the glass off. Be careful - it is still hard work so don't force it.


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                      Cheers for the info, yes it is fog lights and they do look dull and yellowish.


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                        Thanks newsh, that's not as bad as I thought it might be!


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                          Please excuse the typos - using phone to post and I'm at the mercy of whatever my fat fingers prod by accident ​​​​​​

                          If you tackle the foglights: slow and steady and don't be tempted to use a metal lever of any sort to prise the glass away from the softenened adhesive. You risk chipping the edge of the foglight glass. When the time comes to refit; a light grey silicone or polyurethane adhesive is ideal as you can see the bead through the lens. If you use black, you will see a black line around the edge of your light!


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                            I found a pair of new fog lamps for quite a reasonable price when I looked, so I just replaced the pair when one of mine had failed irretrievably.

                            Here they are (it is a pair):


                            Wasn't worth my time to try and fix.

                            Headlamps however.....


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                              I had one reflector re-chromed, lasted less than a year before melting off, but I think there was an error in technology or process. Normally they shoud last much longer.
                              It's not worth refurbishing foglights as they can be bought new. About 30eur for new Depo foglight over here, decent quality and works great.