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    Mines got a 2mm gap all the way around now and leaks in big time ,,,what did everyone do in the end , I presume the new seal sorted your problem
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      Better than it was but I put a tiny bit of sealant around the roof and it hasn’t leaked since it wasn’t the new seal I think, but I had to rebuild the whole roof frame so might have not lined it up as good on the corner it still leaked from but it was very minor


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        or try seals plus direct. Normally very helpful. Might be able to make you a copy.
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          Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post

          or try seals plus direct. Normally very helpful. Might be able to make you a copy.

          the link to the ebay seller the seal looks a lot too big but i wonder if mines just worn that much , has anyone used these


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            You need to realise this seal is not watertight and never was even when new.

            It keeps wind noise, dirt and excess water out but, if you look at the design of the sunroof cassette you will see it has a drain pipe in each corner to deal with what is expected to get through. A pillar and C pillars have the pipes inside them and if they are all blocked, the cassette fills up to the point where water either flows over the tip of the highest point or, seeps through the failed sealant half way up between the two halves.

            Make sure your pipes all run freely and then see if you sealant is in good shape.

            I chased leaks for years before finding that it was getting through the cassette assembly. I unscrewed the top half of the cassette, resealed and put back together - solved leak.

            A new seal may not make you happy.