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Main radiator on ABY must change, help needed!

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  • Main radiator on ABY must change, help needed!

    I have to change the main radiator on my ABY with climate control and can´t find an "How to" or a "Step by Step" here in the forum if someone can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated.

    Thank you

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    No one, nothing?


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      I did this recently
      You can do it without removing or disconnecting the AC condenser.

      Pull the bottom hose off to drain the system.
      Disconnect the other water hoses.

      Remove the brace from the top of the rad to the front panel.

      Undo the 2 bolts near the top that hold the AC rad in place and lift it up and forward.
      The lower mountings are hooked in.

      Undo the bolts and or nuts that hold the plastic air guide to the rad on the engine side and the body side.

      Undo the 13mm nut underneath the bottom of the rad. Undo the 13mm nut at the inner wing side near the PS reservoir.

      Lift and wiggle the rad out. It’s good to have a friend to help with this to hold the AC condenser out of the way and maybe the pipes.. but I did do it on my own.


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        Thank you, I´ll give it a try.


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          What is exactly wrong with the rad?

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            Mine broke around the air drainer on the top and in a hurry I had the only I could find fitted but this is thinner and not up to the task for summer use specially with the A/C on, I now have one custom built from copper and used the original as a template!
            The one that it´s fitted is for non turbo non A/C 5 cyl. cars it´s much thinner and as vertical tubes instead it´s ok for winter and I guess it would be up to the task if I didn´t use the A/C in summer.