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Is it safe to say my MAF is dead?

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  • Is it safe to say my MAF is dead?

    Hello guy,

    Today decided to measure the air flow through my maf sensor on my audi 80 cabrio 1,9tdi. I did this under engine module —> measuring blocks. There are two columns, first i guess is the design value (240-320, sorry cannot recall the units now) and second is actual reading. And my was reading ~550 at idle. Could not measure while driving (laptop doesn’t work without power cable). So decided to unplug the connector that goes to maf while engine running. There was absolutely no change in idle or anything else.

    So is it safe to say my MAF is dead?

    P.S. The power to the connector is present.

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    Any one?

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      No fault codes? Make sure that the wiring/connections are ok before replacing anything...


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        So you have power to the connector......12v yes? should have an earth too.........and likely 5v reference input.......and an output that should vary with load/air flow. I'd be checking with a voltmeter ?

        I have an 80 tdi and you've got me thinking!!.......I'll check mine tomorrow


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          Originally posted by pashka24 View Post
          So is it safe to say my MAF is dead?
          Did you use this MAF testing pdf?


          G70 MAF info:

          RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
          94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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            Had a check of mine (80 tdi 1Z engine)

            Pin 1.....5 volts (ign on)
            Pin 2.....?
            Pin 3.....Battery voltage (ign on)
            Pin 4.....Not used
            Pin 5.....Earth
            Pin 6.....1.1 volts engine idling rising to 1.3 volts at aprox 1400 rpm (I didn't have anyone to press the throttle so held open with stick, would've been good to see when full throttle applied)