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CobraRTP - Real-Time EPROM Emulator!

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  • CobraRTP - Real-Time EPROM Emulator!

    Good day!
    I want to present you an affordable EPROM emulator for ECU tuning - CobraRTP!
    This device allows you to adjust the fuel injection, ignition, rev-limit, etc. in real time!

    This device supports a very powerful map tracing function in TunerPRO, and is not inferior in functionality to Moates Ostrich 2.
    The device is offered in several versions: USB and Bluetooth (wireless), which can be convenient in various cases.
    CobraRTP supports Motronic m2.3.2 and others.
    Supports chip emulation: 27c128, 27c256, 27c512, 28f512 and 87c257.

    We also provide an adapter for boost chip (87c257-27c256), which makes it possible to use an emulator as a boost chip in Motronic m2.3.2 and similar turbochargers (for more information: .

    Read more on our official website
    Contact us also:
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    you have a very bad loop in the kit for connecting to the unit. it broke in a few months without changing the computer, use soft wires in the loop in the future, but in general the emulator is very decent


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      Thanks for the comments! You can always get a replacement one! Unfortunately, this is the standard type of cable that is offered in the industry. I think we will take other measures. Thanks!