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Total Under Car Refresh/Refurb on RS2

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    Time for an update, this time on the fuel lines, I had asked Nick to re-new all fuel lines under the car as they looked a bit sus and a bit rough, close to the pipe clips. Got a call from Nick yesterday that as he removed the old fuel line from the clips the pipes were actually fracturing and falling apart, as can be seen in the pictures. The new fuel lines and fittings are being manufactured for the car by a company called A-TEC Fluid Systems (think F1 and Motorsport). The upshot was that the car was really living on borrowed time with respect to the fuel lines, you can see below in the pictures. I will try to get some pictures of the new lines once they have been fitted, or even some before shots too.


    Below you will see some really nice finished pictures, i will keep them coming through as i receive them





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        Tractor Dave Thanks very much for your help this morning.


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          Originally posted by rustybullethole View Post
          Tractor Dave Thanks very much for your help this morning.
          You are very welcome. You should get it tomorrow
          Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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            Good stuff, thanks again


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              Good call to have the fuel lines replaced. Can't wait to see the new ones.
              //-\\ ((_)) //)) //


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                its amazing how bad the fuel pipes can get without leaking isn't it?!

                Mine snapped inside the rubber mounts exactly the same as yours, the incredible timing of that was that they did it on the driveway after getting back from an MOT pass!

                The corrosion was hidden inside the rubber and only surface rust outside of that which didn't look too bad.

                replaced mine with 8mm kunifer pipe - factory look, fits into the rubber mounts which were still perfect, job hopefully longer lasting than steel...


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                  Epic work on this, well done Martin!


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                    Originally posted by kenneally_mark View Post
                    Epic work on this, well done Martin!
                    Thanks Mark, I'm really looking forward to collecting the car on Tuesday.


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                      A couple more pictures from the refurbishment, its just about all done now, just a bit of a shake down then MOT & an alignment on Monday, i hope to pick it up on Tuesday

                      Front all back.jpg

                      Rear all back.jpg

                      a picture of the state of the fuel lines coming off

                      Pushfit Fuel Lines1.jpg


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                        Lovely job

                        S2 Coupe 3B Project

                        Ur quattro restoration

                        S2 Avant

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                            Bringing this thread to a close, i went to pick up the car yesterday and was very very impressed with the result as this was the first time i had seen the car in the flesh since 1st May as that is when i dropped the car off at Tech-Sport Engineering in Market Harborough, the magic man was Nick. I had an hour or so just going over the car with Nick as he showed me all the issues that he had along the way and how he had over-come them, this guys attention to detail is very impressive, he kept in contact with me over the time it was being worked on.I could not have wished for a better finish and result on the RS, its fabulous. His workshop area is lovely and it can be noted that he has a very professional and experienced background in Motorsport

                            The drive home was great, the weather was great, only issue was i was just a bit mindful that having all new brake discs, pads and refurb calipers that i kept my distance from vehicles in front as i didnt fancy any dramas.

                            Some pictures of yesterday


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                              The man himself Nick Hogarth, Tech-Sport Engineering Market Harborough



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                                You sound a happy man!

                                Can't see your yesterday pics