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Etka help / parts identify 2 - Or does anyone have these parts?

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  • Etka help / parts identify 2 - Or does anyone have these parts?

    Hey guys! How are you all doing?

    I am trying to replace this (thick) pipe/hose on my S2, as it was replaced with a version too small for the s2, but it did the job to get me back to the uk.. (picture below).
    It's from the power steering pump and goes alongside the engine.

    I am also looking for these other spare parts if anyone knows where I can get them:

    Small 10mm I think stubby screws for the front bonnet frame bracket (bonnet sits on)

    Extra bits Im after:
    Dash small computer, (LCD has bled out)
    Spare left hand dial (from the 3 sat above the ashtray next to the gearstick) (paint is coming off the face).
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    What the hell is going on with the powersteering belt?

    4A0823499 - stop buffer
    N 0138905 - screw
    1989 Audi 80 Quattro
    1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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      8A2 422 893 E for a rhd ABY. Think you'll be looking for a good 2nd one


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        Hey guys!! Thank you so much!! you are amazing!!

        I have made some progress!!

        unfortunately since leaving the car in a garage for almost 2 years , some parts are corroding .. and i found an unexpected stowaway :/ poor fella didn't make it

        Rat in the Air box.. pictures attached.

        **** Btw I am after the part numbers for the 2 bolts underneath the alternator that holds it in place!! (in the pic)
        Also the part numbers for the little screws on top of the lights in the picture
        Does anyone here have these numbers?

        Huge thanks in advance,
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