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    Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post

    . You work on these car without alcohol You are brave.

    I have a spare aby rack that might fit
    That may well be a plan... I will be having a think about it, tomorrow I reckon!


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      I have a 3B rack you can have for parts

      S2 Coupe 3B Project

      Ur quattro restoration

      S2 Avant

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        I feel your pain. Ive recently destroyed two perfectly good spare thermostat housings for an old saab ive got. I didnt actually need to remove the steel bung from the alloy housing but it would have made a particular job easier if it was, now ive broken rare parts.

        Lack of beer is no bar to post disaster workshop comfort - drink tea and dunk hobnobs.


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          Thanks for the sympathy and offers, still trying to work out a route here.

          I have a low mileage slightly earlier rack, which was dry when I got it, but need a different PAS hose (which are on Ebay second hand), plus it is missing a hydraulic fitting where the HP hose goes in, so would need to source both of those before I could use it -it is actually one that I cleaned and painted up nicely and even fitted it to the car before realising is was different, hence the refurb of this one...


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            OK, so the route I'm going to try for the moment, is getting a different PAS hose to suit the good rack I have, I need an adapter (N 90045001) that looks like this:

            Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 20.32.38.jpg

            Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 20.32.32.jpg

            As you can see, straight one end, as if it were going into a banjo fitting, ball socket the other to take the new hose end, which looks like this:

            Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 20.34.11.jpg

            If anyone has the fitting, willing to purchase (bit of an understatement), can get from Tradition, but they can't ship to UK at the moment due to not being able to handle two different tax rates between the GB and NI.... go figure.

            Reasons for going this route are manifold.... First, I have a good dry rack, which is already prepped and fitted, second, it has a steel end cap, so if I do need to service it in the future, then it is far more likely to come out compared with the aluminium cap I dismantled (well, mullered in the end).

            I did take a load of photos of the dismantle, so will post them up on here so as not to waste them. Personally, I would attempt another alloy-ended rack, as the cap was so stuck, and made of such cheese, that it would be very likely quickly turned into scrap, but if it helps someone doing a similar rack, then all good!


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              Photos of disassembly in above post, probably two points to note, first, you can't get the most likely seal to fail (where the rack end protudes) out without removing the aluminium cap end, so unless there is a solution to the aluminium cap issue, you can't service the rack properly. There is another seal on the other end of the main bar, which you would want to change as well.

              Second, a lot of the seals are hard-ish plastic, backed up with an o-ring behind them, the kits seem to offer 15 seals, I think I counted 13, but by then I was not as interested as I could be in it any more!

              Hope the above is helpful, other racks will come apart in a very similar manner.


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                Contact Colesy for assistance with placing an order for the adapter. You just missed a group buy from Tradition.


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                  I'm hopeful it may just be one of these, need to get back to the shed to check:



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                    I've got one of those fittings if you're stuck. Got plenty of steering racks lying around if you need any bits



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                      Yes please Mikes2 , let me know how you want to get it to me, and how much it might cost.....



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                        Send me your address in a PM. I'll get it sent out



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                          That's very good of you Mike, pm sent