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KW suspension - 20% discount for November

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  • KW suspension - 20% discount for November

    Gents, have managed to negotiate a 20% discount on S2/RS2 set ups for orders placed in november. They're on an exchange basis and turn around time is approx 4 - 6weeks.

    Orders will need to come via me to get the discount, altho any tech questions should be dealt with directly with KW.

    Certainly no hard sell but if anyone interested just give me a!

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    I am not personally interested but thanks for the help and heads up on this one. Would you like a Sticky somewhere? (Suspension or Group Buys and purchases?)


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      Yeah, could do Steve, whatever you thinks best matey. Im not in any need of any atm either but its a kinda off the record deal as we're both working together on some work related stuff. Thought it may help if anyone thinking about changing.


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        I might well be interested later in the month, i'll keep ya posted.

        Out of interest, what price would the V1 kit be now? Sorry i don't know what the original prices were!


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          thats a pretty big discount there.......if you can confirm the pricing it would be a help for sure.

          nice one,

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            It would be whatever their RRP is less 20%. I'm working off my phone now otherwise id have a look!


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              Looks like the RRP of KW V1's are £739 and V2 is £909

              With 20% off V1's are £591 and V2's are £728 thats a BIG discount there Darren nice one for sorting shame i have no money!
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                Hi Darren, I am also interested.

                What parts do we need to send for exchange? (until a couple of weks ago I thought I could buy these off the shelf )
                Would we send them to you?
                And is there any return postage costs to be added to those figures?

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                  Right, sorry for delay been bit busy. These are the new re-vised prices:

                  S2 Coupe - V1 £614.47 +vat list (minus 20% discount)
                  V2 £777.87 + vat list (minus 20% discount)

                  S2 Avant - V1's only im afraid - £614.47+ vat (minus 20% discount)

                  RS2 - V1 £631.49 + vat (minus 20% discount)
                  V2 £794.89 + vat (minus 20% discount)

                  prices are on an exchange basis, approx 4 - 6weeks to turn around. P&P is another £50.00 + vat on top

                  If anyone fancies they will need to do it via myself, DO NOT contact KW directly (unless its technical) as they wont know what the hell 20% discount you're talking about! I also have a spreadsheet with the new prices and some technical data, if anyone needs it drop me a PM with you're email address and i'll send it over. This is NOT an official forum Group Buy, more of a favour via my contacts for the help you guys have given me over the last year or so of S2 ownership! cool


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                    sorry for the daft question...but what do k&w need as an exchange??..


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                      Sorry about this !

                      S2 Avant - V1's only im afraid - £614.47+ vat (minus 20% discount)

                      RS2 - V1 £631.49 + vat (minus 20% discount)
                      V2 £794.89 + vat (minus 20% discount)

                      Darren, do you know what the difference is between the the S2 and RS2 V1s. Apart from the rating of the shocks and the anti roll bars both suspensions are the same as far as I know?

                      The standard RS2 is presumably harder and more sporty than an S2, so does this mean if one wants a sporty S2 and one already has RS2 ARBs on their S2, one should buy the RS2 V1 for their S2,

                      and conversely if one wanted a comparatively more comfortable ride, then the S2 V1 should be bought for an S2?

                      All this relates to an Avant BTW.

                      Additionally, has anyone got any KWs installed, and more importantly how does it compare to say fresh Standard S2, fresh Standard RS2, and lastly H & Rs with new Konis?

                      Apologies for all of the questions, but if they're answered and other members (and myself) may be better placed to make a decision on which option to pick.

                      Additionally, your efforts to pass on a worthwhile discount of 20% to others is appreciated by myself and I'm sure others.

                      One last one, apart from Bilstein coilovers and the above combinations, what other spring and shock options are available for the Avant?

                      Thanks for any observations and kind regards.


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                        I have V2's on my Avant (why aren't the V2's available for the S2?) and they are very good. The standard suspension was tired no doubt and very sloppy so the difference was night and day. They are a bit "bouncy" but I need to find someone who can set them up properly
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                          v2s on my coupe, i'd say similar to H&R for spring stiffness but stiffer than koni's when IMO set up properly, obviously the V2s are variable rebound so can be made softer or harsher as you want, mine are normally sat wound about half way, about the standard V1 setting at a guess. as shark said night and day but again i had tired shocks on lowered springs....

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                            Thanks for replies so far.


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                              This does seem a good price... My dampers are well past their best... Thats gotta be circa 400 quid for Bilstein or Koni... Seems not much extra for the adjustable V2 kit. Tempted.... Dear Santa
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