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Looking for OEM diff mounting or alternative rubber mounting or size of bush needed

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  • Looking for OEM diff mounting or alternative rubber mounting or size of bush needed

    It appears that the rear diff mounting 895 599 125 is NLA from dealer and is NLA from Audi Tradition.

    I have seen Golf Mk1 mountings advised, Nissan mountings advised and also poly bush. My preference is OEM if I can find one.

    What is everybody using apart from poly. If I have no alternative which poly do you guys recommend to be as close to stock as possible.

    Also as an alternative I would like to search for a press fit bush rubber bush suitable for the application, can anybody advise the outside diameter & width and the inside diameter & width.

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    you can press the old one out and replace it with the Golf Mk 1 mount 171 199 214 D. It's 64.4mm


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      Rubber mounting. Not very strong, stiffer than OEM. Daily use friendly. 45 Euros


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        Mikes2 I recall reading about the golf Mk1 and the diameter of 64.4 and if I recall correctly there was another one with diameter of 64.6 same number but with a ? revision 171 199 214 ? it was off an 1800cc motor, I would think it could be a bit stiffer due to the bigger engine. Opening the mounting bracket that 0.2mm would not be an issue. I have the details at work will check tomorrow.

        DeS were does that mount come from? is it made for the S2 or is it off another car but it will fit the S2 ABY


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          It comes from my cooperator and its based on standard mounting. Design for my S2 and gone for comercial purpose for years


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            The superflex poly is what I use in my coupe, it’s done about 130,000 miles, still good

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              If a Mk 1 Golf engine / transmission side bush does fit, then here is a specimen link just to give you an idea of what it looks like and the approximate cost.


              You should check with your VW dealer to see if there is a different part number for a petrol one and a diesel one, as the diesel one would be slightly stiffer, but will still have the oem level of comfort compared to a poly bush.

              Best wishes.


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                The mount I was thinking of was the 171199214 F or G they are 74.4 and 74.6 not sure you could open out the mounting to take the larger diameter or indeed if it would help.

                Will check the Golf Mk1 mounting first. If it works then great if not will look again at other alternatives.

                Poss weld up the shoulders, weld the gap between the shoulders and then open up the bush hole to 74.6 and fit the 171199214G. Could also get one made from steel.

                Thanks for the feedback.
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                  Guys I am back onto this issue.

                  I am thinking that it may be possible to use an Audi S4 B7 front top arm bush it has a diameter of about 40mm, I have a new set at home will check tonight.

                  Basically take the old bush out, sleeve the mounting hole to accept the new front top arm bush used on the S4 B7.

                  Should offer similar dampening. OEM bush available and cheap. The top arms do take a beating so I would think the bush must be quite strong.


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                    171 199 214 J is an alternative



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                      Originally posted by Mikes2 View Post
                      you can press the old one out and replace it with the Golf Mk 1 mount 171 199 214 D. It's 64.4mm
                      Golf mount is eccentric, wouldn't that be an issue?
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                        Makes little to no difference. There is enough slack in the system for the different position



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                          Dostateczny not buy FEBI replacement its horible weak.
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                            All of their products are **** to be honest!
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                              So what about using the front top arm bush off an Audi S4 B7. Make a sleeve to suit the smaller diameter bush from the S4 B7?

                              You may need two due to the width.

                              Anybody know the width of the bush needed?
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