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034 Shifter Bushing

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  • 034 Shifter Bushing

    This steaming pile of s***e. I must have removed and refitted the linkage arm 20 times trying to tweak this thing to work properly and eventually had to give up and go back to the stock bushing. The neighbors must think i have been diagnosed with tourettes syndrome. Can i return it and get those three hours of my life back?
    <p>This spherical shifter bushing Linkage upgrade for the Audi S2/RS2 6-Speed eliminates slop caused by the factory nylon ball socket joint, resulting in crisper, more precise shifting.</p> <p><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Aurora Spherical Bu
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    Standard fitment on 034 parts. You will need to actually bend the linkage to make it work, if there is enough misalignment in the joint in the first place (doubt it looking at the picture).
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      this thingy laying on the shelf in my garage, now I'm in doubt should I start with installation at all ....


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        The 034 shifter bush is awful! I ended up buying anothe bearing with more range of motion and tweaking the shifter arms. Here's what i did: