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Continental sport contact 6

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  • Continental sport contact 6

    Anyone has any experience wit these as I'm considering them for my summer wheels

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    Had a set of sport contact not sure a 5 of 6 on my seat leon st. Good tires but changed them now for michelin pilot sport 4 and the michelin tires give more confidence and feedback.
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      I've just moved from Conti 5's to Pilot sport 4's on my S4 and they are certainly a better tyre.
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        There seems to be the case where the SP5 were poor on feedback compared to the sp6.
        On a you tube comparison between the sp6 and Michelin pilot supersport (better than the sp4) they feel they are much improved.

        That's why i was keen to try them


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          I've got Pilot Sport 4's on my S2, great tyre, tons of grip wet and dry and quiet too.
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            Another vote for the Michelin PS4. Just fitted them to my 3.0 TDI A4 barge, very impressed so far (fitted start of April)
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              My understanding is the ExtremeContact Sport is a bit better than the SportContact 6
              As the Pilot SuperSport possible edge over the newer PS4

              Here is a decent test of the ExtremeContact Sport and the Pilot Sport 4s:
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                  On the 235/40/18 unfortunately I cant get the 4S.
                  Between the Pilot sport 4 and the sport contact 6 it appears the continental to have the slight edge.

                  Give that I can find the SP6 slightly cheaper too, I think I'll give them a go.

                  Thanks for the responses