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S6 Avus rim 17" X 8J ET35 Will using the 235-45-17 tyre be safe

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  • S6 Avus rim 17" X 8J ET35 Will using the 235-45-17 tyre be safe

    I dont know why but 9 years ago I fitted 225-45-17 tyres to my S2 using the Avus S6 17"-8J-ET35 rims and now due to the age of the tyres I am replacing them. So if I am going to change the tyre size now is the time to do it.

    It appears the rim can take 225 or 235 tyres. I always thought the 225 on the rim look a bit thin on the rim. So I am looking to go for the 235-45-17 tyre.

    Does anybody know if the 235-45-17 tyre on a this type of rim will work. Is it possible the tyre can catch on any part of the body or suspension.

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    This rim in S6 takes 255/40 tire so you can fit 235mm easly. IMHO 225/45 looks better and handles better. Its also comfortable enough. Your decission.
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      Thanks DeS

      I am planning on giving the 235-45-17 a try if I can. Definitely not going to the 40 profile in South Africa.


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        That will fit easily. I ran 255-35-17 on those same rims. Both on the track and street. I went back to 235s, because they were lighter and taller.

        Greg W.

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          Just been told the Sumitomo (Dunlop) tyres I was looking at using are not available in 235/45R17 94Y HTRZ3 XL MFS and 215/45R17 94Y HTRZ3 XL MFS.

          Looks like its may have to be the Sumitomo (Dunlop) tyre 225/45R17 94Y HTRZ3 XL MFS for normal use and a 205/55R16 91V FM800A MFS on an original rim as my spare.