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  • Hello from New Zealand

    Hi guys

    Just thought I would say hello from New Zealand.

    I have just bought an RS2 in black, the car is standard but changes are on the way!

    We only have 13 RS2’s over here, and tuning is proving very tricky, a few have the MRC chip and Miltek.

    I will put up a project post when it starts, need to get to the 500 bhp mark!!

    Thanks to Paul from the forum for the advice so far, I am so looking forward to getting the Samco hoses!!

    Great site guys!!!

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    Only 13 RS2's in the country!!? Well at least that beats Canada and the US where there are no RS2s (officially - there are maybe 3 that snuck into the States - but zero in Canada). There used to be a Kiwi RS2 owner (Rod??) who used to post on the US S-cars list but I haven't heard of him for some time. He used to wind-up a few guys talking about the quirks of the torsen center diff ("spider bite").

    To get to 500 hp is going to require a honking big turbo and a honking big wallet. You are standing on the top of long, slippery slope. Hang on, you're in for a good ride.

    Dave F. (in Vancouver, BC, Canada)
    RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
    94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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      Glad to hear that the tuning bug has alreaqdy bitten! There is a lot of information, knowledge and useful contact on the forum and I'm sure all of them will give you as much help as they can.
      Cheers'en, AndyC
      1994 ABY Coupe - Projekt Alpinweiss


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        New Zealand has to be the perfect place for an RS2 - The best roads I've ever driven!

        If you're ever in Papakura, watch out for my Grandad charging about in a blue Corolla (rare, I know ) - he's where I get my need for speed from!
        Nothing feels fast for long...

        2000 Audi RS4 - Kingfisher Blue ~+~ 2004 Audi Allroad 2.5 Tdi - Ebony Black Pearl


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          Nice to see someone else who lives in the Antipodes that doesn't think the world stops at V8 Holdens or crass jap imports.
          Currently in Oz with a good 'ol Rangie. Hankering after an S2 when I get home.
          NZ rocks by the way, especially the roads on the South Island. Gotta take some photos of the RS2 on Arthurs or the Haast pass!
          UrS6 - Homefry, Bailey DV, PiperX filter, Samco hoses, H&R springs, 3" D/P back zorst, 270bhp and 260ftlb :rock:

          Triumph Daytona 955i - mmmmmm :fire:

          80 dag dag :driving:


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            you might see mine there one day
            RS 2 580HP