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    Hi guys. Can anyone help with this. Came home the other day and my quaatro was holding its revs. Sat at the ligthts and the cars still reving at 2500! Got it home took the idle control valve off took it apart and soaked it in a bath of parts cleaner overnight. Cleaned it all off put it back together fitted back on the car and the bloody thing is racing on even more. Disconnect it and the idle is back to where it should be, put it back on and back to racing. Anyone help with this give me some tips checked all electrics and everthing is fine there checked all hoses for any splits and they are all good too.any help would be most welcome . Thanks

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    Check the idle switch in the throttle body is closing.

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      Thanks mate. How do I go about that please. What am I looking for, Where abouts. Pritty new at this thats all, use to cars putting the key in starts and runs


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        Best get used to putting key in and having a few nightmares then back of the throttle body is a little black box that is the switch that should be clicking off when on idleAs you move the throttle back and forth from its stop point you should hear a small click when it is completely off
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            7A throttle body is different.
            Idle switch is a separate little beige unit on the early ones, and can go wrong. Essentially its just a microswitch and shared with a few different models.

            Have a look here:



            EDIT: Regarding the idle valve, these need some lubrication - if you've given it a good clean in solvent to flush out the crap, give it a good soak in GT85 or similar to keep it from seizing up.
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