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Audi Tradition shopping cart payment broken.

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    A Toyota? Surely this purpose is what vw's are made for!


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      Originally posted by macspring View Post

      Just my tuppence of experience of AT over here.

      My Audi dealer left me with the impression that I'd need to deal with Audi Tradition direct myself.

      They did concur with my disappointment and confusion as to what a company with the financial resources of Audi could not have a decent web site.

      Hopefully this down time of the site is because they're making it 'better' rather than just fixing what they have.

      It was suggested to me that I e-mail someone in AT and deal with them directly that way thereby bypassing the AT site somewhat.

      Anybody know anyone in AT that they found helpful / contact details ?


      You really do have to be committed to and be resilient, not to mention using a good proportion of one's car finances, and sometimes more, on these S cars. It is understandable that owners have to 'give up' and sell and move away into a different motoring world. My own fall back position / safety net is to also have a small Toyota as a go to car to drive when the daily S car is out of commission.

      You 100% can order through the dealer themselves. They don’t realise it’s possible. But if they send a request inc. full chassis number etc they will get a reply and able to place the order.
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        I can't help but wonder why the same wouldn't apply to TPS, with a resultant lower bill for us. They're all children of the same parent afterall...


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          glad that i ordered the parts few days ago.. the maintainance works somethimes take weeekss =D