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UrS6 Broken pedal box + clutch master cylinder

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    Will try and work it out from etka where the spring goes, heater ducting spring sounds a good possibility thanks.
    Brakes are fine now. I thought it would clear partway through a journey, but a week or so later i started driving, tested the brakes were back to normal overnight .

    Wheel bearing replaced today, H&R springs front and rear with B8 Bilsteins. New wheels this weekend
    1995 Audi S2 Avant


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      Should drive a bit better now? Tracking done as well?


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        Originally posted by Michael S2 View Post

        H&R springs front and rear with B8 Bilsteins.
        Interested to know your impressions of your new suspension in due course.

        Is it just new wheels but same size wheels and tyres ?



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          New front shocks and springs are very nice. Tracking done as well John .
          Macspring, off with the winter plus spec rims and on with some Boleros for summer. Will report back on suspension, but in terms of look the front is good with H&R. The rear Eibach springs that were on matched it closest in terms of ride height. However, i had the rears changed to H&R just because i thought that seemed logical, but i now think the rear sits too low. So i might end up refitting the rear Eibach springs. Trial and error.
          1995 Audi S2 Avant