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UrS6 Broken pedal box + clutch master cylinder

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    Agreed, it’s just him mild steel.
    I would start with an adjustable spanner with a hefty screwdriver through the hole in the end of the handle. The adjustable can be set as quite a tight fit on the sheet steel. A few tweaks and twists and it’ll be straight.

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      Great tips once again Not had time to go near the car yet to bend it back into shape. At least it sounds do-able from Macspring and Newsh. It is thin steel i'm surprised it lasted 160k miles

      Another point is on closer inspection i think my master cylinder is fine. Because the shaft was moving out of line with cylinder i thought it had broken. Didn't realise it was a ball fitment on the shaft so can move around which makes sense right enough. It goes into the cylinder with just hand pressure and returns itself.

      So why i suddenly had no clutch remains a slight concern. I hope it's just that the broken pedal box bent so far that eventually it wouldn't function. If not, i hope i've not got another problem. Anyway sort pedal box and refit and go from there.
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