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Modified URS6 running rich

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  • Originally posted by twoqu View Post
    The reasoning behind albeit temporarily getting the fuel pressure down is to get the car back to as stock condition as possible for the MOT test. Ideally we would want the stock fuel pressure, stock injectors, stock sw and a maf that based on its history is still within spec. That gives us the maximum chance of success.
    It is a good opportunity to get a base comparsion via VCDS between the two mafs which I have suggested previously. If the OP tested the ecu to see what resistor it has then we would know which range was applicable. Not that it makes a lot of dfference as the factory specs are 15-24 for ADU and 20-26 for AAN then anything above the top limits suggests the maf.
    I understand the lambda is a new replacement.
    This is all correct Sir

    I appreciate everyones help and input thus far as I certainly couldn't have got to this point without you guys and gals

    Getting a standard ECU and injectors is a backwards but I concur logical step.......just waiting for a reasonably priced set to turn up as it will only be used for a short period of time to prove our theory

    Tonight I will measure the resistor resisitanr to ascertain if a have an RS2 modified ECU and find a way of accessing block 000

    I can use my aeromotive regulator to get stock fuel pressure


    • Again, the test is done at fast idle (~ 2000 rpm) where the fuel pressure is most likely normal, who cares about pressure at idle?
      I mean go on, do more useless things

      Factory specs for MAF are way too conservative, because they have to account for AC on and so on. ADU over 22 and AAN over 25 = screwed. -