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    Originally posted by Mikes2 View Post
    That will be +10% + vat likely
    Probably more than that. My mates pick up at least 10 vehicles a week from that site and like all Coparts there's charges for just about everything including movement/loading, fork lift usage etc etc etc
    They've also reduced the time allowed for collection before hefty storage charges get added. It might just be 2 or 3 days now, which isn't long if you're hundreds of miles away.


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      Strong money considering some 10-11k cars have been up for sale for a while before they've been sold.
      Or maybe putting our cars through an auction is the answer to a sale..
      F I R E U P T H E Q U A T T R O

      1996 S2 coupe aqua green sold
      1990 MK2 Golf gti 16v oak green sold


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        Originally posted by Farhazaftab786g View Post

        i watched the live auction buddy ended at £9,000
        did you notice what country flag it sold to?

        and as Andy says above,the fees copart charge now are crazy.Anything between £499 and £977 on a 9 grand car nowadays.I used to buy a lot from copart but you can quite often get a motd car on the road with no damage for less than a good percentage of their stuff.Be wary of "crash damaged cars" going through their auctions which turn out to have knackered engines,lad in workshop next door has bought a glut of those recently


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          Appears to be relisted, sale date is now 6th Jan.

          1992 3b S2 Coupe


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            very suspect


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              Damn dude! im really sorry for your loss, I have a kingfisher too! Will have to be vigilant :/ such a shame, I hope you find a solution soon x