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Black s2 Coupe

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    Great project, nice interior bits and advanced engineering with that gearbox and I5.
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      Originally posted by Airwolf View Post

      map-signal with the supplied hose causes spikes and the map-signal goes up and down. Some tuners say that it's because the maxxecu is so quick and reads the pulses in the inlet. But why is the ignition going up and down and Follow the map-signal spikes?

      then you add a lot of filter and your fine......

      using the original stuff can be better. But just check it for your own safety.
      Interesting, I am using the supplied plastic tube.
      Although only maybe 20-30 cm.
      Should I be worried?
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        Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post
        That certainly looks like the way to get the cam timing spot on. Hopefully no valve damage when it slipped?
        the valves are all ok the cam gear does not allow that mutch of play that the would hit the piston. lucky me. if it happens again im going back to stock camgear.


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          Amazing job and really lovely car .I want mine to look just like yours .well done