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    Got myself a "small" project.

    Audi S2 91' Coupe.

    Been searching the web for months before this one came up, not far from where i live. Was a 800hp engine in it when i went to look at it. Made a deal With the seller that he would put it back to orginal before i buy it. Got a offer after a few months that i could buy it cheaper since he didnt have time to finish the swap.
    What i've been told from the seller its the Vac line, exhaust and some other fittings that remains.

    The car hasnt been on the road since 2011.
    190000km, Big Reds, HR,18" BBS and 18" Avus, leather seats ++

    This will be my first bigger Project, so i will need your guys' help!
    I`m just a hobby detailer so i'm pretty green when it comes to other stuff than polishing, so i hope some of you could help me

    I willl use this thread for all my stupid questions so please bear with me

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    Good luck with the recommissioning. The first picture looks to be of an aircon compressor with the pipes disconnected. The second is a missing water coolant pipe for the turbo.
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      Thanks for the quick response!
      Will remove the ac compressor later since its not In use anyways.

      Got 4 loose ends In the engine bay, anyone know where these are supposed to be connected? I guess the green circle is to the brake fluid resorvoir?
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        Can't tell you off the top of my head, but they are normally keyed or colour coded so you can put them in the right spot.

        Only one I think I may know is the grey one goes to the brake fluid reservoir...

        The hose may be the feed out to the difflock, goes through the firewall.


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          Green and blue is for cruise control pump, red shoud be brake fluid reservior.
          Hard to tell about yellow. Look for something thats not connected within a reach of that connector.


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            The connector on my reservoir is broken, but the red circle one seem to fit right with the length. Can't really find anything where the last plug goes really.

            The previous owner of the car had another engine and fuel system installed and has removed the orignal wire to the fuel pump. Today i tried to find where i can connect the orginal fuel pump wire to the fusebox. Been twisting and turning my fusebox for about a hour in hopes to find H87F (see link below), but i can't find anything.

            Has anyone got a clue where i can connect the wire from the fuelpump?

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              H87F will be smallest black 6pin connector (H), pin 87F. Green/yellow wire if it is not removed yet.
              IIRC the level sender on brake fluid reservior was replecable.

              Ignore the circled connectors, this was first picture of layout I could find.


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                Been searching for this schematic. Could you send me the link ?


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         contains tons of useful information and resources including wiring diagrams.


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                    Regarding the unknown connector, take a look which loom it comes from and what color wires goes to it. Knowing this we can find out where it should be connected.


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                      The grey one could be the carbon canister valve

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                        I`ll have to Catch up With the unknown plug
                        Tried to start the car today without Luck.
                        I`ve read some Place around that the fuel pump gets voltage only while crank? I got atleast 0 voltage just With the ignition ON.
                        Got voltage to the starter, but the battery is bad so im gonna give it a second try later tonight when i have charged the battery. 7v wont turn the starter

                        I see there is another "pin" on my starter, what is this for?
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                          You donĀ“t need the second pin!


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                            If you connect the solenoid trigger wire there, it is designed to make you think the starter is broken


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                              I also was lead to believe that the engine has to crank at a set rpm for the car to start. So a duff battery will not help. Have you got any code's showing up?