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  • My Pelican blue 80

    Decided to show you what happens when you love working on cars and got too much free time
    This is my second car. First was 94. Opel (Wauxhall in UK) Astra. I sold it because I'm Audiholic and was able to sell it for twice i bought it. Next day i got this - 94. Audi 80 2.0 fwd with minor body damage on the front (both fenders and bonnet was damaged, grill was broken) and very badly repaired damage on right rear quarter - there was rust on wheel arch and around tank clap. Only extras was electric sunroof, pollen filter, height adjustment on both front seats, central locking and faulty ABS. Idea was to repair it, sell and get B5 or at least better B4, but that sometimes just does not happen

    Right after i bought it

    Interior. It's not an actual picture, but it was exactly the same, except mine didn't had electric mirrors and tacho (ten past eleven rpm hell yeah )

    Body damage fixed, badgeless grill, foglights and OEM R15s fitted

    Tinted windows, rear spoiler and painted badges. I wanted to remove badges but some dumbass glued them with superglue so there's no way to remove them without damaging paint.

    Front electric windows and heated URS4 seats:

    V6 headlights and heated mirrors:

    Retrimmed headliner and pillar covers

    Complete C4 S6 steering wheel conversion, VDO aux gauges, instrument cluster with tacho from V6 Coupe, front armrest and dashboard trim

    Retrimmed doorcards

    Cloth-matching rear seat from B3 90

    Trip computer, autocheck and ambient temp. display.

    Another spring another wheels - full set (5 pieces) of OEM Competition wheels

    Remember I said about rust on rear quarter? It needs to be sorted. Whole quarter was replaced just like from factory

    Got back it from paint shop, did some minor cleaning and off to local Audi enthusiast forum 9th anniversary. Fuel tank clap was scratched badly an I had no time to paint it, so temporary stickerbomb fixed it.

    Heating for rear footwell

    Windscreen washer fluid tank meets his bigger brother

    I was on my way to buy some beers, but way, what the hell is THAT???

    Something needs to be done ASAP. -50mm on the front, -35mm at the back and 20mm adapters all around.


    Electric mirrors, 4x electric windows, footwell lights, grab handles with lights, sun visors with lights leather gear gaitor, gearknob from A4, B5 console buttons (Hazard button is from B4 with replaced faceplate and defrost button is from pre-97. C4 with timer function) , all-black middle console from B3 coupe with cigarette lighter (I'm non-smoker so I'm using it to charge my cellphone and it looks nice at the dark )

    Random shots

    Some missing plastic stuff

    Coupe front bumper with washer pods, heated washer jets, under-bonnet light and painted mirrors

    I was told that there's no such thing as wiper/washer stalk with trip computer and intensive wash buttons for C4A6 B5A4 or any model that has large hole in the middle.
    So i took these

    and made them into this

    Almost full kit for HAA type key conversion. HAA is flatblade key that comes in C4A6, late B5A4 and newer cars.

    Roll-out 3rd safety belt from C4

    Door lock heating

    Frankenstein airbag dashboard. Basically it is gen1/US dashboard (note the kneebar instead of shelf under steering wheel) with glovebox from gen2/EU dash.

    Both, engine and gearbox shields. Engine shield is from regular 80 bumper, but i got V6/S2 shield, it just needs some repair.

    S2 rear bumper

    Some shots from Audi enthusiast gathering at mud track

    Retrimmed new set of doorcards

    At the moment car is at the garage in process of climate control installation.

    Also got some other stuff waiting for installation:

    - S2 instrument cluster
    - S2 avant side skirts
    - color coded outer grab handles
    - OEM rear roller sunblind (I had a pair of door roller blinds from c4, but i sold them and now I regret it )
    - memory mirrors
    - freshly retrimmed pillar covers
    - cruise control

    There is definitely something I forgot to mention, but I'll add it later.
    About future plans - I want to install more powerful engine. Got two options at the moment - 1,8T or 2,8 V6. Yes, 2,2 20VT would be nice, I will not use its full potential so I'll better leave it for someone else who needs it more than me. 5 stud conversion.
    And maybe a quattro conversion as I'm well aware how easy it is and what parts/modifications it requires.
    Hope you enjoyed reading and found something interesting to do on your cars. Any questions welcomed and I'll keep this thread updated when there will be any news.

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    Great job. List of improvements is impressive


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      That's a really impressive amount of extras you've added to your car. I have a couple of questions for you, well more than a couple actually.

      I thought rear heated footwell was standard across the range? Obviously not.
      What year/model is the bigger windscreen washer fluid tank from?

      Was there any additonal wiring needed to get the intensive wash button to function? Do you have any details of what if anything you did to get it working?

      I realise that it would be possible to do a HAA key conversion for the ignition and door locks on a coupe, can the boot lock be converted too? If so, how?

      What parts do you need to retro fit memory mirrors?

      Keep up the good work.
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        Awesome work.


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          Very impressive work.

          S2 front bumper ?

          Change to quattro ?

          To date, nothing seems to be too much grief for you.


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            Rear footwell heating was an option and most cars had it, mine didn't. Also, there are two types - small one without that huge "lungs" (this is most common) and this, bigger one. It came from regular B4 80, guess it was '94. My friend also has this big one in his '92 B4Q.
            Fluid tank is from cars with headlight washers and is shared between all B4s. It's bigger and has place for two washer pumps - one for windscreen, one for headlights.
            Wiring for IW button needs to be added. I'll wire it up to headlight washers so I can use it only when i need it and save up some washer fluid (headlight washers consumes A LOT of it).
            HAA key conversion is 99% straight swap, some work with file may be needed. Don't know about boot lock, I haven't seen it from Coupe.
            For memory mirrors you need mirror motors with memory option - they got position sensors inside.

            They also requires minor modifying to fit as there was no such option as memory mirrors for B4. These motors came off from C4A6. Memory mirror control module, wiring and MAYBE seat control module as they both are connected. I'll get on this bit later and maybe do a writeup.

            About bumper - lot of saloons/avants here has it, I wanted something bit different. But if right price comes up, sure I'll get it.
            Quattro conversion - most likely will happen


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              Really good work there
              1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                Thanks for the detailed info, I've learned a few things I wasn't aware of before now.


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                  Wow, that is a lot of work!

                  Good luck with any future developments, would be good to see them.q
                  Current-2004 Impreza PPP wagon

                  Sold-92 3B coupe-RS2+, 996s, konis, rear torsen, forged rods........
                  Sold ABY-stock


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                    Nice work keep it up I would replace the front grill though Imo.


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                      Thanks everyone!

                      Here's test fit of RS2 rep grill. It's not mine, just wanted to see how it looks on my car.

                      I'll try to find winter grill. Not much use of it on petrol engine, but it's nice to have it.


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                        Now you just need some ellipsoids
                        1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                          Yes, ellipsoids or at least new reflectors for these because I can't see a thing at night with them.

                          In case anyone wants to know, here's a difference between RHD and LHD reflectors. RHD on the left LHD on the right:

                          Note the low beam bulb socket.


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                            yup the RS2 style grill really finishes the front end off

                            Really impressed with your upgrades on the car - can tell us where the HAA flip key parts came from? early B5 or late model Cabrio etc?
                            Its not a very common mod in the UK I don't think its been covered in much detail on this forum
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                              HAA key parts came from 96. C4, managed to find almost full set of keys - main key, service key, plastic key, immo unit and keyring with immo login code on it. Only second "main key" is missing. It's not flip key but it shouldn't be hard to find flipkey housing and swap the blades.
                              Conversion is easy. Follow THIS guide to replace ignition barrel (as it's only the barrel that needs to be replaced) and be sure to use back part of barrel from your car. That part is straight fit but may need some work with file to fit perfectly. In the center of picture:

                              For door cylinders you must get cylinder itself and grab handle as the hole for cylinder with HAA key is bigger. This is straight swap.
                              I haven't seen this mod done elsewhere so I just got the parts and did it