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    Yes, it talks to late 97' C4 central locking pump I installed earlier.


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      Originally posted by mdz View Post
      Illumination partly fixed. Everything illuminates but automatic brightness works in completely opposite - it dims when I cover light sensor
      Isn't that how it should be? You don't need the illumination to get brighter at night.
      1994 Audi 80 Competition


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        Illumination on climate, aux gauges, radio and cigarette lighter turns off completely when I cover cluster with my shirt.


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          Did you solved reading fuel tank level problem??


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            No, I just confirmed it's true that it reads fuel level opposite - needle is tilting right when fuel level drops.
            I think only way to solve it is to use cluster from A4, they are the same size and reads fuel level right way.
            S2 cluster is back in ATM. I'll complete adapter wiring while a6 cluster sits on my table because its loud and annoying beeping drives me mad every time I switch on ignition.


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              So, how hot was your day? Mine was this

              +32°C out of sun and mirror just fell off

              When I bought S2 instrument cluster, seller said that odometer is not working. It counted 9 kilometers in my car and died
              First thing that usually dies and causes odometer to stop is this tiny yellow gear missing some of its teeth

              In my case gear was completely fine. Up to next - motor that drives those gears

              I had no idea how to test it, so i took a look in my so called "crap-box" (huge box under my bed where i usually throw in car parts I don't know where to put ), found C4 100 cluster and replaced that motor. Took car to a test drive and yep, odometer is working again

              Got these - bonnet hinge covers.

              There was a discussion about them in RS2 America topic. I've seen a lot of them on cars here and only thing common on all of them - aircon on climate control.

              Under rear seat carpet from avant

              Bought new blade for key and gave it to locksmith to cut it.

              Evolution of keys for my car: aftermarket -> brand new OEM -> HAA type with infrared remote -> fully working HAA flipbalde remote

              Got another headunit. I like how these Blaupunkt units look and it's very easy to connect aux input - just connect wire and enable input in settings. and that's what it did - 3,5mm aux input jack in armrest.

              Also replaced bulbs in mirror switch and ambient temp. display as they were blown but didn't took any pictures.

              At last gave rear bumper and all other parts for painting. Painter has a lot of work to do so I hope parts will be painted within next week. But I'm not in hurry, I'm driving without these parts for at least a month

              And last thing somehow related to this thread - I know at least 4 fwd -> quattro conversions, but all of them are avants. Is it possible on saloon? My friend was scrapping fwd B4 saloon, so I thought I should find that out and took a screwdriver.


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                yeah any b4 should have the bolt holes.

                You thinking of doing a quattro conversion?


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                  Yes, but later. I have few more important things to do before.


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                    Nice update


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                      You are doing a great work there! I also love looking for some rather rare parts for my Audi!
                      P.S. Don't forget about Audi-Style!
                      1994 Audi 80 Competition


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                        So I was hoping parts will be painted till weekend, but yesterday I got phonecall from painter that they're ready. I was like
                        Today I finished to put them back on. Well, almost finished - drivers door lower hinge is waiting to go on car. Also got left sideskirt back from repair. I'm speechless about how car looks now.


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                          It looks gorgeous! A set of Colour Edition tails would make the back perfect!
                          1994 Audi 80 Competition


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                            About a week ago I was browsing local ad site and found B4 with oem black taillight inner parts for sale. Gave a call to owner offered a trade to standard red ones and he agreed. 140km forth and back an I got these:

                            Mint condition original Seima lights. Not a single crack or scratch on them.

                            Next day I manage to get these - full set of Seima/Treser (Treser lights are actually made by Seima) taillights.

                            polished them

                            Button for opening and closing central lock from inside without arming alarm

                            Dual tone horns

                            Car had squeaky right rear window since the day I installed rear electric windows. It turned out to be this little having a rust on it

                            So I cleaned it and the noise is gone

                            About C5 instrument cluster - I traded for 1st generation B5 cluster because getting C5 3rd gen cluster to fully working order is not worth that time and effort.

                            Illumination and oil temp is not connected and fuel gauge shows more than in reality. Everything else is working fine.
                            But I will not keep it because nothing beats S2 or RS2 cluster in these cars. I must get ABY S2 VDO too


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                              Hi, i have done quattro on saloon.


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                                Really like the b5 cluster myself, if it were fully functional one could free up two gauges in the central column for boost/vac and whatever else (afr perhaps?).
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