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  • Originally posted by mdz View Post

    Yes, easiest way will be to use plugin for your browser to see pictures hosted on photobucket. Now almost any browser has one. Downloading all the pictures, hosting them somewhere else and going through whole thread editing links is massive amount of time. When photobucket did this [censored] move, I wanted to delete my account, but as soon as browser plugins started to appear, I decide to keep it because now they are sort of usable. Anyway, knowing I've been an inspiration to someone is great, thank you for that. I'm always open to help anyone, just post here or drop me a Pm.

    As for an updates, not much interesting to show at the moment. I've bought new front wings. They're aftermarket, made from thinner metal than original, but shape is ok, will see how they holds up. Finding somewhat useful oem wings here is major pain in the *** here as most of them are rusted. I have one in my storage, but I'll save it for the future. Also got a good used bonnet so whole front end is going for a respray. Got a new foglights, set of intact clear front indicators, replica RS2 front grill and some other minor goodies.
    At the same time I'm building an engine and gathering parts for the green 80. Initial plan was to slap together some engine quick & cheap but it failed ending up with completely dismantled 1.8T from B5 I parted while ago being fully rebuilt using quality parts.
    I'm starting to think such option as "quick and cheap" is not possible for me

    Anyway, weather looks very good today, so I'll get my hands on both of them and return with pictures later.
    THX for the help, and nice work on your Audi 80, amazing just amazing. Great read.