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  • Audi quattro S1 E2

    So some people will know that I have picked up another shell to start another build. I was given the shell by the very generous Andrew Chew (Chewey) who offered it to me when I needed a roof.

    The car is a coupe quattro which he had for 7 years sat outsdie his house under a cover. I picked the car up in April and have had it stored until this weekend and its now ready to go upstairs to the chop shop!

    Stripped it down today and its quite solid. Few bits of rot but nothing too difficult to put right, probably in better shape than the last one started off as.

    The plan is to make this into an S1 E2. It will have the proper screen angle this time donated from an Audi 90, and all carbon panels. Going to be having more of a spaceframed cage this time with it holding the rear diff, along the lines of a modern wrc cage to all the pick up points. When the shell is done I will use the engine and running gear from the current car as its nicely developed now.

    How it had been sitting for 7 years.

    Got it back to mine yesterday.

    Spent today stripping it to a total bare shell for its move.

    So hopefully it will end up something like this!

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    Nice starting point mate will it be converted to Lhd or is it staying rhd ?

    Will it be running e50's ?


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      Left hand drive for definate. E50's will be going on yes, they should be on the other car in a couple of weeks.


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        Originally posted by G60Rallye View Post
        Left hand drive for definate. E50's will be going on yes, they should be on the other car in a couple of weeks.
        Is the car going to edition this year ?


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          Great project ! :-)


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            This will be good, can't wait H for the updates....
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              Great project and looking forward to seeing it develop...

              1992 3b S2 Coupe


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                Cheers for the comments. The other car will be at edition yes.


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                  This is going to be a good one
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                    Got the last bits stipped off the car today and put it upstairs. Started the horrible job of cleaning up the underside so I can get a jig sorted to bolt onto the suspension pick ups.


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                      Nice garage !! :-)


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                        Subscribed with much interest.

                        I defy anyone not to be impressed by the fine work you do. Loving the trap door.


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                          Another incredible project

                          Can't wait to see the progress on this one.

                          What tool are you using to remove the underseal? I used a wire wheel on the grinder for my 205gti, but it was very messy.


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                            A chisel and some effort! I have used a wire wheel before but it just makes a terrible mess and takes all the paint off.


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                              OMG, what amount of work

                              when do you expect to finish it?
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