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    I hope you've got some strong beams under that floor!!
    1991 Audi S2 3B - 2.5 Stroker engine
    1997 A6 2.5TDi quattro avant - C4
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      The floor strength is massive I have no worries with that.


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        Been working on the jig these past couple of days and managed to get the car mounted up on the jig. Big thanks to Jay Birchenall for supplying technical drawings for the shell which helped greatly making the posts.

        Slowly getting my eye back in with the welder.

        I have got some 100 x 50mm box to bolt across the jig to increase its width to go up into the turrets and front chassis. Will get the front chassis tied into the jig and then get it chopped and shortened over the weekend. Its moving along very nicely I think!


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          Looking really good hamish. That jig seems really simple compared to the idea I had in my head. I'm watching this with great interest.


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            Originally posted by AndyP View Post
            I hope you've got some strong beams under that floor!!
            that was the first thing I thought of when that great girder was placed on the floor panel....

            Hamish, that has got to be one of the coolest garage "solutions" I have seen for a very long time!....


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              Cracked on with some more work today. Got the front chassis legs tied into the jig. Very happy that it all measures up straight as often they have had a little bump! Ignore the lower panel being damaged it was folded up when i used a jack under it.

              That meant the front end could be chopped out giving a lot more space to work around it.

              Finally I tied the A and B pillars together to keep them true when the roof comes off.

              So over the weekend the shell can be shortened and the roof can come off! Hopefully having the shell tied down will mean nothing moves too far!


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                Great progress mate - enjoy your weekend of butchery
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                  Looking really good. Would be good to set up a time lapse of the chopping.


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                    Set about the car today. The roof was first in the firing line!

                    Off she came!

                    Behold the open top quattro!

                    Next I set about the B pillar and floor area ready to get it shortened. Bear in mind the idea with this shell is to be as light as possible and it will be more of a spaceframe with a bit of shell left to keep the water out!

                    Outer arch chopped out:

                    Bit of strengthening removed:

                    B pillar was 3 skins:

                    They got the chop as I only wanted the door shut left it will be tied into the main hoop of the cage.

                    Rear chassis member cut out as it wont be needed.

                    Quite a pile of bits cut out!

                    New B pillars look like they will work nicely:

                    Same treatment for the other side tomorrow and it will be brought in on the jig and tacked back together.


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                      Awesome stuff.

                      I would sell all 3 of my livers for that garage.
                      1994 URS4 Avant RS2+


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                        Cracked on with the shell work today cut the same out of the opposite side first thing:

                        Cut the last bits holding the 2 halves together:

                        Sat happily on its legs:

                        Brought back in and welded under the windows to hold the door shuts. Have left the floor for now until the main hoop is in place then I know where I want the floor to go. Plan is to have the main hoop intersecting the 2 halves of the sill.

                        Screwed the B pillars in place to get an idea of where they are going to go:

                        Got over 25kg of metal cut out during shortening:

                        Finally chopped the dash panel out and opened up the A pillars to get a look at the damage!

                        How it stands tonight got a good bit more space to walk around it now with the 320mm cut out!

                        Next job is to get the roof on and sort the rust in the A pillars. Very happy with how its progressing!


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                          Good god, you don't mess around do you!!
                          1991 Audi S2 3B - 2.5 Stroker engine
                          1997 A6 2.5TDi quattro avant - C4
                          1976 RD250E / 350LC cafe racer


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                            Brilliant, I'd love to do one of these.. I'll just post this pic again to save going back to page 1

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                              Yes its quite hard to see the finished article from where its at now!


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                                It's amazing to see how much work has been done it a short space of time. Great work so far, can't wait to see it once the roof section is on.