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  • Speed density Stage1+ tune

    I wanted to open this topic to let you guys know I have not completely ceased all development on this platform just yet

    As a swan song to this platform I have developed a MAFless Stage 1+ tune, which is meant for stock ABY/AAN engined cars. The ECU uses the MAP sensor in conjunction with the TPS to calculate cylinder filling - the MAF can be unplugged, removed or left in place, it makes no difference.
    This means savings of 300+ EUR on the tired or dead MAF and no dependence on the said MAF ever in the future.
    This also means you can run atmospheric dump valves for example.

    The tune is currently in the final stages of testing. I have meticulously worked on it, and for example spent four days just tweaking the cold start and throttle response, which is now better than stock.

    Fitting this will require sending the ECU to me or to one of my dealers, no exceptions.
    Existing Stage 1+ customers will receive a significant discount on this upgrade.

    That is all for now, I will keep this up to date with the latest developments.
    The biggest challenge right now is testing cold start down to negative temperatures, as it's summer. -

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    That's nice news.

    Is the only reasoning behind this the cost saving of an expensive MAF? is it still better to run with a maf or would this be as good or better? Finally would someone be able to run with or without a maf at will?

    I know I'm passed motronic but I'm just curious to your endeavours


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      Let's put it like that - running speed density is better than running a 20 year old MAF that shows the weather on the moon

      Main reason is cost saving on the MAF and to keep more of these cars on the road, as the MAF has been getting more and more expensive all the time.

      It's not possible to switch at will, but the modifications are reversible, so it is very much possible to put the ECU back to stock if required. -


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        That sounds good.

        What would you suggest between maf less or rs2 maf which is meant to be better than the 20 year old maf?

        Edit I meant rs4
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          If it's a standard car, I'd just fit the mafless tune.
          I got everything sorted on it, the throttle response is actually better than stock with a MAF, because the ECU uses TPS for acceleration enrichment now, like all newer Motronics do.


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            Looking forward to seeing the result! What is going to be the price? What would be the best solution for Saint-Petersburg: sending an ECU to Estonia or to Moscow?


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              I read about this on your website lately, sounds interesting. Especially as the MAF's are getting harder to find and become more and more expensive.


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                - The air charge calculation relies on an engine efficiency map in the ECU, thus if engine efficiency (flow) changes, it means that the air charge calculation will be wrong and a remap will be required. For example changing the intake or exhaust manifold, camshafts, porting the head and so on.
                That may be a significant problem (


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                  Hence why it would be for a standard car i guess, anything modified would require a custom MAFless tune which would take significant amounts of extra time.

                  Absolutely brilliant work though, great to see some new innovations still being developed to keep these cars going


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                    It has some room for light mods on the engine, but no warranty it will work well.

                    Price wise, considering the costs of MAF's:
                    350 EUR + shipping would be standard price.
                    200 EUR + shipping if I get sent an ECU that was previously modified by me.

                    Standard remap has been 150 EUR + shipping (if it did not need socketing etc).

                    This makes the difference between standard remap and mafless remap at 200 EUR, which at least over here is less than the cost of a new MAF.
                    This still needs some testing on at least a few more cars. I don't want to charge 350 EUR for "guinea pig" software


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                      Take my hat off to you if you get this working, maf plumbing on large bhp cars is a pain in the butt


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                        Fantastic Dmitri, well done
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                          Originally posted by Jamo View Post
                          Take my hat off to you if you get this working, maf plumbing on large bhp cars is a pain in the butt
                          It's been working on large bhp cars for over a year...
                          To clarify, I am happy mapping any COP 2.2T without a MAF at present.

                          This is more about a generic chipset for stock cars using this technology.


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                            Good to know
                            Panthero Coupé quattro 20vt
                            Indigo ABY coupé
                            Imola B6 S4 Avant


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                              Dmitri, how much hp is the record with motronic atm?

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