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bermbo 18z claipers on a b3 coupe quattro

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    varia Can you please specify where you sourced the disc and adapters? Or all DIY?


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      One option is also BMW 750 4pot Brembo calipers. Full fit nicely with adapters.


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        Originally posted by Error404 View Post
        There are adapters out there for 18Zs. IMHO they are not a good caliper choice as the adapter is a compromised design to fit the B3/B4 and the calipers weigh a ton. Add the weight of large single piece discs and 18" wheels you'll need to fit them you have a huge increase on unspruing mass. IMHO the Porsche 996/996 4 pot and 6 pot calipers are a far better choice.
        People fit 18z and 17z mostly because they look big and impressive and they are cheap.
        Sorry for reposting old thread but I was thinking about this as well. Are they a lot more heavy? Im still trying to figure out how much my brakes can support in form of horsepower. Ive got the 996.351.425/*.426 - Do you know? Does anyone know? my car weighs 1444kg


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          No figures to hand but the calipers are not too heavy. But the pads are huge so add a lot of weight, then when you factor in an adaptor all adds up.

          I have them on my car at the moment but may (will) look to change them for something lighter in the future once I have the rest of the car sorted out.



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