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    ah. any shimmery bits in the oil.

    another option if its only idle and pressures are good. if you lean on the clutch pedal does it go away on idle. if so could be thrust bearing or crank bearing related.


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      Hmm I'll see if that happens. Haven't tried that


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        wait a second guys.. did you ever see by your own eyes 2.2 20VT engine when rod bearing fail ? it is noise that you thing that engine will blow away.. and if that is a start of bad bearing in next 30km of driving this rod bearing will sound like on other video !
        I had a same problem with hidro lifter .. only when engine was warm !
        other thing what I noticed is that you use to liquid oil.. sorry but this hidro lifters are not disained for this kind of oil..
        just for test put 10w-40 in engine.. it is not expensive but it could give you an answer..

        other thing what we noticed before 10 years ago on audi 200 2.2 10vt with K-Jet is that lifters became noisy when AFR on engine became to lean or to rich on idle.. still dont know why but it was !
        take a look on spark plug .. try to change it..

        good luck !


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          Good points rs200.

          This noise was present with 10w60 castrol as well. No different now with 0w40

          I do plan to go for 10w40 anyway at the end.

          Spark plugs don't have more than 2000km on them. And lifters were our first thought as well. Mechanic says they are sound and new... what can I say...
          I have 1.00 lands on idle.

          Gary, noise doesn't go away when I depress the clutch pedal on idle so I think that rules out the clutch bearing.

          We will find out hopefully next week


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            id say its a good way toward ruling out crank bearings too as if crank is walking then it tends to change sound . on clutch

            have you listened and felt for noise. ive heard pas pumps produce engine like chatter


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              turns out that the knock was indeed from the piston pin.

              unfortunately all pins were worn to a certain degree.

              rod 1 has significant wear on the bearing and all crank bearings has also significant wear.

              looks like crank can't be reused.

              block is within tolerances and pistons as well although 5 new pins are required.

              scat rods after having done 150k km will need servicing to be reused.

              so I had parts to use as a 2nd engine so some at least will be up for sale.

              cause of all this? oil starvation?( car always had good oil pressure)

              some sort of debris that got in the engine from somewhere? who knows...

              I'm replacing the oil cooler with a new one as well and having a look at the oil pump.

              so as the head is new, bottom end will be as well. I had a second hand crank which is usable, and had pistons and rods as well.

              will be selling old pistons with new pins and rings soon.


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                ah thats nasty. did you balance the shaft with the internals or will you do it now?


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                  You need to get rifle drilled rods. They need the extra oil long term.

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                    Assembly was never balanced as I always used oem parts. All components did have exactly same weights, ie piston/rod assembly.

                    In fact the 2nd engine rebuild crank was absolutely fine and bearings had no wear whatsoever

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                      Fair point, but I never expected rods to last forever anyway.

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                        How much wear was on your bearings?


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                          I'll take some photos and upload


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                            not sure whats causing that there mate. seems like you need to get some proper det cans on it. maybe take some compression off it to keep timing up there.

                            on the oil pump thing. i have noticed in the past oil pressure can still be really good when oil is very low. not ideal from monitoring prospective.

                            mine sounds as good as the day i put it together with scats and skimmed pistons. original rings and never changed the crank bearings.

                            sorry to hear your news


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                              Our first working scenario is debris, as things do not appear to be pointing out to a certain cylinder. All have similar wear, and just one had more pin wear where another had more rod bearing wear. It doesn't make sense.

                              Looking at the damage on the cylinder head as well, it couldn't have been done by detonation alone, and if that was the case it would have been heard. Pistons don't have any sings of pitting on the contrary to my motronic map when we had the previous engine rebuild where evident pitting was present and no bearing wear whatsoever.

                              I'm always careful to check oil level as well, I never has low oil level that I can remember. While I was in London I had noticed a significant oil leak which I had the car towed to get fixed, so it was never that bad to run the car with low oil level.

                              Tracing back the issue, and having low compression from early on, I have to say that whatever had happened, happened early on and as I was never really thrashing the car when I was in the UK, it just never developed fast, hence I managed to do all these kms.

                              Anyway, need to get it back on the road now as I'm getting symptoms of withdrawal

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                                you back in greece then now mate

                                in not one to critisise an engine builder but if its bad in a few spots then was everthing in tolerence. i know i did my own engine and measured very little however if i was paying for it to be built id expect it to be measured and in a technical report.