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I Hate my S2 :-((((

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  • I Hate my S2 :-((((

    So I really hate my S2 at the moment,to the point I’m thinking to sell it
    I have fitted new pump and basically straight away I have got the same problem.i have fitted all covers on the top of the tank,carpet,parcel shelf and started the bloody thing.Lovely and quiet.So took it 3miles away to petrol station and on the way there I noticed it’s starting to run slightly louder then few minutes earlier.It goes completely silent on hard braking.
    is anybody’s have got for sale S2 tank?
    Maybe there is something dodgy in the tank?
    I don’t know anymore what to do with it.Maybe I should just drop lighter inside that tank and be done with it.

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    im still going with strainer and pump location.

    test 1 loosen cap on filler and try it.
    try this with the old one or new one. get a pipe on it fill a coke bottle with fuel. link pipe to bottle and pipe on outlet to another bottle or bucket. use 2 wires from a battery. see what sound you get. or use a bucket of fuel and put pump in it and pump to another bucket. see if it sounds ok. this will ensure the check valve/outlet is not an issue too.
    mine is outside the car and only sounds like that when

    1. tank was blocked and strugglnmig to get fuel out
    2. fuel very low in tank and gravity issues.
    3. new gravity feed from new tank to pump too long so not best flow.

    we call it a scavenging sound. like the pump is struggling to pick up fuel. fyi my s2 was very quiet when the metal cover went back on. barely audiable.


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      Thank you for that buddy.
      I will definitely do both test when I will be able to go back to it.Right now I’m out of time and I need to vent out as I’m really really angry with it and there’s no point to work like that.
      i know it’s silly but it’s been going on for so long now


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        Is there any other issue with the fueling besides the noise? I'd leave it if no other problems are present. 044 in my UrS4 also was fairly loud. I just turned up the music and drove on.


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          Originally posted by RichLV View Post
          Is there any other issue with the fueling besides the noise? I'd leave it if no other problems are present. 044 in my UrS4 also was fairly loud. I just turned up the music and drove on.
          No-no other issues with fueling .
          i can’t leave it like this-it’s taking away all pleasure of driving it.


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            Sounds pretty normal to me. Put all the sound deadening and parcel shelf back in, it will be fine
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              i think your exaust is to quiet .. never heard the pump


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                Can you make a recording of the noise?
                Maybe there is something loose in the tank which is blocking the pickup.
                I had a weird noise on my car for ages, it went away when I removed the valve from the breather pipe. (Which just vents under the car anyway).

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                  Originally posted by rxl View Post
                  i think your exaust is to quiet .. never heard the pump
                  Haha,it’s 3” Turbo back with small centre box and normal size back box but you are right- it’s not very loud.I think I will get rid this centre box.
                  regarding pump-there must be something wrong there.100%its not the case of fitting in the tank.Its like it’s starving with fuel or something making the pump work to hard.


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                    My 044 pump noise was driving me mad, everything checked out as being normal for this pump.

                    I did not accept it and was ready to replace it with a Walbro. I did however notice that the base of the rear seat had a very thick rubber insulator fitted that several of the securing clips had come off and the rubber was not covering the seat. It was folded in half.

                    I repaired the rubber insulated area were the clips were fitted and secured the rubber mat/insulator to the underside of the seat. I am now much happier the noise has not gone but it is much much better.

                    I can live with it the way it is. Could be worth checking it out.

                    I also have the standard middle and rear boxes. I also still have the cats fitted. (coming off soon)


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                      id say its not quite right too. it sounds like its starved or getting air in. mine under car is not that loud. with the covers on like you have mine in the s2 was basically silent.

                      is it relayed. on the s2 mine wasn't but is on the saloon.

                      is go for pickup but maybe rule out the check valve. i have no experience of issues here so not sure of the sound. i have years of experience with starved 044's with the lines and the tank issues on the saloon. it sounds like this
                      i had intermittent tank blockage then.


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                        Yes-I have fitted relay and I have got almost 1V gain at the pump terminals but this didn’t change anything.I did removed the valve at the top of the pump as this was restricting flow but still no improvement.
                        Gazza-my pump sound just like yours in that video clip.


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                          i know that Bosch pump have the "buzzing sound" but i cant get over that sound which looks like, when u drop something into water or how i can desrcibe it
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                            Strange thing is also that the sound is not constant-sometimes it’s like the pump is workings more slowly then faster again


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                              Fuel filter?
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