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Head gasket and a few other bits

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  • Head gasket and a few other bits

    Not to sure if this is the correct forum section to be posting under if not can it be moved?

    But I’m just after a rough guide on how long some pieces of work will take on my ABY S2 assuming all goes well and nothing is seized or breaks. All together it is a new head gasket, new tandem pump, new cam belt and aux belts, new front shocks and new front drop link bars. And is there anything else whilst working through these that should be checked/replaced because it’s so apart.


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    Audi recon 15 hours labour for the gasket. So more than a weekend so far...


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      Are you dsure inf it yourself on a drive or taking it to a garage? Head gasket will be a weekend along with cam belt and pump.

      New front shocks and drop links you can do in about 2-3 hours assuming you don’t need to refurb the struts etc too. I removed the passenger side strut on mine today along with drop links etc in about 30 mins and I’m in the process of refurbing the struts but that is mostly waiting for paint to dry
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        It’s been in progress by a garage down the road since January and I’ve got fed up being delayed so wondering how long it should have taken and trying to work out if it’s worth picking it up as is in pieces and how much work could be left to recheck or complete. Worst case is I have to redo it all (well worst case is they have broke something but I’m not thinking of that option so far)


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          I'm doing a turbo manifold swap. Seems easy enough...had 1 broken .anifold stud ..head had to be pulled and now were on week 3 of doing everything. It's a project for sure.

          there have been some setbacks out of my control but I'm sure something will happen if your pulling the head that you don't plan on.