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Head gasket and a few other bits

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  • Head gasket and a few other bits

    Not to sure if this is the correct forum section to be posting under if not can it be moved?

    But I’m just after a rough guide on how long some pieces of work will take on my ABY S2 assuming all goes well and nothing is seized or breaks. All together it is a new head gasket, new tandem pump, new cam belt and aux belts, new front shocks and new front drop link bars. And is there anything else whilst working through these that should be checked/replaced because it’s so apart.


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    Audi recon 15 hours labour for the gasket. So more than a weekend so far...


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      Are you dsure inf it yourself on a drive or taking it to a garage? Head gasket will be a weekend along with cam belt and pump.

      New front shocks and drop links you can do in about 2-3 hours assuming you don’t need to refurb the struts etc too. I removed the passenger side strut on mine today along with drop links etc in about 30 mins and I’m in the process of refurbing the struts but that is mostly waiting for paint to dry
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        It’s been in progress by a garage down the road since January and I’ve got fed up being delayed so wondering how long it should have taken and trying to work out if it’s worth picking it up as is in pieces and how much work could be left to recheck or complete. Worst case is I have to redo it all (well worst case is they have broke something but I’m not thinking of that option so far)


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          I'm doing a turbo manifold swap. Seems easy enough...had 1 broken .anifold stud ..head had to be pulled and now were on week 3 of doing everything. It's a project for sure.

          there have been some setbacks out of my control but I'm sure something will happen if your pulling the head that you don't plan on.


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            Finally almost picked the car up this week. Got there to a bill of 16 hour head gasket and 3.5 hour shocks. Not too much over what was said here at least.

            But... pulled away from the garage and the car was making a rumbling noise when under load, wouldn’t reach 3k rpm, couldn’t get above 40mph or out accelerate a snail. So straight back into the garage and many disgruntled words. Not even going to try driving elsewhere in that state as it sounds like they have killed something. One of their techs took it for a run and said the noise sounds like the gearbox, but that wouldn’t explain the rest or why it’s there now and wasn’t before it went to sit in their garage for 7 months in pieces would it?


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              It really sounds like they don’t know what they’re doing, obviously didn’t take it for a test drive..
              Where is this garage?

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                QRsport in Tattenhall. They used to know the cars so well a few years back and looking back through the forum but that knowledge left when Jan left I think.


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                  If it went in running fine and we guess it did. Sounds like someone has messed up. Cam belt is the only thing that they did on the engine, although that can lead to a hole host of pain if done wrong. Have you got an invoice for work. Hopefully they see what has happened and put it right. mistakes happen its how they deal with it that's important. Lets hope they have not done damage inside the motor Good luck. kind regards Lynn


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                    Cam belt was definitely on the bill along with a crank pulley which split in removal somehow and the usual clips and gaskets. Nothing unexpected other than labour is just listed as hours and no breakdown which might help me atm but never happens.

                    Hopefully they sort it without taking another 7 months or costing a fortune then.

                    Only issues going in was a slight gearbox wine in 5th which I’m hoping being sat there so long not running hasn’t become worse rusting or something killing the whole box? and one of the turbo hoses was recently leaking and replaced so whether more are perished and been disturbed in the process.


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                      Ok. It’s been 3 weeks in the garage since it had its 2 minute outing and was definitely not right. So far they haven’t looked at it, moved it, or anything but keep telling me they will investigate... Surely there has to be an easier way than waiting at the mercy of the garage?


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                        Start looking for a legal rep to help out sounds like they ain't gonna deal with it anytime soon, good luck bud


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                          No way could the gearbox get worse from being sat in there garage. Don't let them say different. Also this is something, as a result of work they have done has coursed the problem you should not pay anything to get this sorted. If they cant give you a definitive answer on what happened and why. I think maybe its time to talk to citizens advice see where you stand also they may call your garage on your behalf which may help. Best to start the ball rolling as they seem to be taking the micky. Sorry to hear your still having trouble with these clowns. Best of luck kind regards Lynn.


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                            Bring it to me, I’m in Staffordshire - if that helps?

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                              I’ve kicked up a fuss again and it is supposedly to be investigated Tuesday, if nothing comes of that I’ll be in touch. Will need to see what citizens advice say on taking it away with issues and if that affects my rights later today.