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water / methanol Questions

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  • water / methanol Questions

    hi all I’m looking at putting a water/methanol system on the s2. Just need some info like what systems to use, where to instal the injector and what size jet I need. Thanks in advance

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    When I did mine I fitted the jet in the end tank of the intercooler. Mine is very mild so I think I have a 0.8mm injector
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    '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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      Thanks for the info. That’s where i was think of putting it has i run a large intercooler. Just unsure what make to use and the size of the jet that’s all.


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        I believe you should get a assortment of jet sizes and some advice on what jets you should use. Regards Lynn


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          Thank you. I really need to ring a manufacturer up but need to know what systems and what manufacturers are best thanks


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            I have a aquamist HFS3 for sale with everything needed including different nozzles etc.

            PM if that would be interesting and then we can sort out a price.
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              Aquamist is the make that we have fitted in the past to the Turbo bike's at Big cc racing. Very good kits although we just charge cool nowadays.