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Turbo after run pump switch

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    Originally posted by Jamo View Post
    Folks done this mod but the fan is running all the time with the ignition off at speed 1, any ideas?
    Had the same problem few days ago and i went trough a proper check with a car electrician.

    The fault was related with the ECU (it looks like a relays but it's definetely not a relay)
    In the relays compartment under the steering wheel.

    Position 9
    part No 447 965 571 A

    Firstly this ECU/relay was making my after run pump running continuosly with ignition off.

    I got a couple of this ECU/relay from a friend and i went to change it...

    Problem: fan running continuosly with ignition off at first speed.

    Changed the ECU/relay with the second one i got from the guy and everything started to work properly.

    Jamo be careful of another issue: the circuit it's timed so you have to check that your process (pump plus fan) stays on for 10 minutes.
    It might be that when you plug in the new thermoswitch you give power once to the circuit in that case you'll have a first ten minute running cooling process check if the pump it's running as well.....

    If you have just the fan running alone without the pump i can tell you for sure that the problem it's related to a faulty after run ECU/Relay.



    Did'nt have the goodwill to change the thermoswitch from the LT right now.....
    I will do it when for same reason i have to move something in that area...
    For now i just fixed a 10amp fuse between the two wires and to be honest with the climate we started this spring in Italy (33° celsius now).... i love to have those ten minutes cooling down process every time i switch off my car, considering also that normally I don't do stop n go journeys i'm thinking seriously to leave it with that fuse on.


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      Thanks I'll check to see if the pump is running when it occurred yesterday I was reconnecting the battery in the boot and disconnected when the fan started.

      I'll reconnect everything up and see if it cuts of after 10 mins cheers


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        i have a battery master switch fitted,every time i reconect it(same as connecting the battery)the after run pump primes itself for approx 10 seconds,but the cooling fan does not kick in at the same time..however the cooling fan does work at operating temperature..
        i have never heard the afterrun pump work after shutting down the engine nor the fan....
        this was the same on my recent s2 UNTIL i changed the switch..then every time i turned the car off the afterrn pump and cooling fan would work together until the temperature was below that of the "uprated switch" imo was working as it should............

        i have just ordered a new switch for the ur so will post results after
        you need to check if it goes off after a while 1st befrore further checks are required


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          FAE-3547 include the temperature sender and sensor that monitor the temperature of the water that cools the engine.
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            volvo switch nla

            Tried to buy the Volvo 440 35810 switch but it had gone nla. . I'll try the 281919369 at vag instead.
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