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Help removing AC condenser

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  • Help removing AC condenser

    I need to change the condenser on my 95 S6. A mate of mine removed his the other day and said that the aluminium nuts on the hosefittings seized. When he eventualy gpt them off he said they had caved in a bit from his spanner, and tjey seemed to be ever so soft.. So now he needs new hoses too. Anyway, if it`s possible i would like to avoid that. Any tips from the pros? Any special spanners needed as the nuts seem to be made of clay?


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    If it's anything like the connections at the AC compressor on the S2 it will probably put up a fight and might **** up the threads.
    I can't 100% remember the reason but I think it has something to do with using different alloys on the connecting parts making them react with each other over time.

    That said I have managed to remove and install the condenser connection a few times so your milage may vary, this again on the S2.
    I used good quality wrenches in correct sizes, like 27, 29 mm or something.
    Don't use an adjustable wrench or pipe wrench.
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      Thanks. Hopefully i wont need to remove from the compressor, only the condenser... They both seem to be aluminium. But with my luck everything will seize, brake, warp. Haha. I ordered it today anyway.
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        My air con has long since been removed and it was so broken when I took it out I just cut it out.

        As a suggestion; good penetrating fluid?

        I'm a big fan of good penetrating fluid.

        having been sceptical for years, I tried some and it only went and worked where hammering and brute force didnt! My other favourite is heat but being aluminium you run the risk of making the fittings softer by annealing them so I'd probably steer clear.
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          Yes, this is my idea too. My mate used an induction heater to his fittings, and as i work as a custom fabricator i thought that is way to much heat for a quite thin aluminium nut. Ill get under the car tomorrow and start squirting a bit of Omega penetrating fluid at them. So far its the absolute best PF i have ever used. Some say a 50/50 mixture of ATF fluid and paint thinner is great too but i have never tried it.
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