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  • To add, I didn't even think to check(!).


    • Nice one id seen those but before i noticed the 26mm dimension i couldn't find anywhere with them in stock anywhere!

      Ive just been on the phone to GKN driveline asking about the 26mm shaft option and sent an email with details for them to match to...

      I will update with what happens but if they can't help; its nice to know the rubber stretches enough.


      • I couldn’t find any in stock either. Just ordered them from demon tweeks in the end and have to wait.


        • Yep, tricky to find in stock even back at the end of last year.


          • Driveshaft parts uk have something which looks right but it only costs £6 so can't imagine it will last long. I think im going to order from tweeks and wait as well.

            The 53 days lead time on their website may not be quite the truth... The bloke told me today they put that on to put people off ordering and then calling every 5 minutes asking where there part was! i think the truth of the matter is they dont really know how long and GKN are behind with production


            • Merlin has them on 13 days:


              Seems like ms6k012 will also work, same dimensions, but a convoluted boot, according to the out of stock DT:


              The description seems a bit at odds with the dropdowns and title though:

              The Standard CV Joint Boot features a bellows/accordion style rubber boot which enables the product to be extremely flexible whilst feature excellent durability.

              Two sizes available:

              CV Boot ONLY: Total Inside Diameter: 107 mm, Bolt Hole PCD: 94 mm, Boot Diameter: 25 mm, Bolt Hole Diameter: 10.2 mm
              CV Boot KIT (inc bolts, grease and clips): Total Inside Diameter: 94 mm, Bolt Hole PCD: 78 mm, Boot Diameter: 22 mm, Bolt Hole Diameter: 8.2 mm

              The CV boots are manufactured from a mix of coated steel and convoluted rubber, each manufactured for maximum longevity and increased flexibility. The CV Joint Boot protect the CV joints themselves by creating an optimum seal around the joint maintaining overall lubrication. This in turn reduces the impact of damp and debris affecting the joint, vital for competition situations where vehicles are subject to increased stresses and varying extremes of environments.
              Perhaps another option? (if you can find one).


              • Ive ordered MKS6024.

                Gkn couldnt offer any alternatives but did say their rubber will stretch to fit the propshaft no problem.

                I was recommend to buy from raceparts so have placed an order that went straight away on back order. Gkn couldn't dicuss their customer orders / lead times but i do wonder if raceparts are their priority supplier as they were mentioned a lot...

                Good job its a spare shaft ive split for rebuild so at least the car remains usable.