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1995 Audi S2 ABY Ming Blue

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    I’ve got some stage one chips

    S2 Coupe 3B Project

    Ur quattro restoration

    S2 Avant

    Boost is the new rock and roll!


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      Despite what you have said the vehicle should be equipped with the factory immo if its an S or T chassis number. So the key should have the transponder chip (its well hidden!), the reader coil around the ign, the seperate immo box and the B variant ecu. I understand that the key blade should have an F on it as well. From what you have said it seems to be working correctly. Usually if the start was blocked the engine would start briefly and then cut out. The immo light would flash and a code would be thrown up. Whilst its acceptable to reprogramme the original ecu chips, they usually don't like having the ecu replaced. There is a procedure to re sync a different immo ecu within the immo controller via VCDS. As the car is presumably toward the end of the production run it will be difficult to say whether the ecu is the original one or not unless you could cross ref the chassis number date with the ecu date. Usually components pre date construction so unless the ecu was obviously later than manufacture it will be difficult to say conclusively!
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        Reading through the PO thread linked previously there is some mention of the removal of the black plug from the bottom of the fuse box. Again I am presuming that this was to effect a repair. This would have some relevance if the repair was to the wire that feeds the coils via S32. It does seem that the black connector B (T6r) does include that wire and therefore would be a candidate to cut the supply to the coils. However you have said that there is power to the coils so again that might be coincidence.
        Whilst on the fuse box, as others have said the blue and red fuse holders should be populated as they feed the various components that you have the faults codes for and the other is the Lambda. All necessary when the engine finally starts.

        Also it mentions repairing things in the A pillar area which is where the motronic loom main earth is amongst others. That might have relevance to the low voltage/bad earth fault although that seems to have corrected itself.
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          Lastly, you are going to have to start eliminating things it isn't. Unfortunately it could be either an electrical or mechanical issue.
          If you are confident it is ignition related then you need to test or substitute. Firstly get some new plugs of the correct type even if they are just the cheap copper ones for testing. Keep the battery charged. Pointless having the injectors connected until you have proof of spark.
          The bad news could be either a damaged crank or cam pulley puting the hall sensor out of phase. Difficult to assess without a scope although again there is no fault code to support that. As the G40 has been replaced then thats unlikely to be at fault. Bit odd that it started ok after replacement unless it was because that the relationship between pulleys was within tolerance. Again unlikely to be the flywheel pin which is another player in this. Again you could verify this was intact.
          If the coils have power and earth then the only other signals are the ecu triggers from the various ecu pins. I think it would be difficult to interupt all 5 to act as an immo rather than as mentioned previously interupt a single wire. I believe you can test them by hooking a led test light up to the connectors from the engine loom to the coil loom. One connector will have 4 pins populated the other 3. If the led flashes when cranking we know the ecu is happy. There is the earth back on one pin for all the coils not sure where that ends up.
          In fact you could test the whole coil loom/coils by removing them and trying it on the UR temporarily. If it functions then we have eliminated a few other components.
          It's difficult to know where in the chain to investigate. Hopefully there might be a few ideas there to keep you occupied!
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            Awesome posts.