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  • 4.2 V8 Coupe Quattro

    Finally getting round to starting a thread for my Coupe project although the first posts will be copied and pasted from another forum I'm on. I didn't really have an outright plan for it or a particular time scale, it was really supposed to be a slow burner of a project mainly due to finances. I was sort of fortunate that I was able to a lot of overtime last year so that helped speed things up. I'm not a mechanic but have always been a tinkerer and like to learn new things, fortunate to be able to turn my hand to most things. The more things I can do myself the more it frees up vital ££s for tools and parts.
    I've always loved these and whilst my mates all had XR3Is etc years and years ago I had a 2.0 8v coupe and that was a superb yet slow car. I always said I'd have another and had been looking for a project so now was the time, I couldn't stretch to an S2 as a 2nd car so went for the 2.8 quattro. This one had been sitting in a barn for 8yrs but the guy I bought(blind Ebay purchase) it from had put it back on the road. It certainly wasn't an accurate description but overall I'm happy with it.

    First up was a good clean, car was filthy inside and out, typical farmers car. Everything and everywhere had orange silty dirt ingrained in it. Interior cleaned up perfect but it was then I discovered a lot of it has been painted and not particularly well.
    A good spell with the DA got it presentable,

    Dull clear coat,

    To half decent shine,

    As winter was closing in the plan was to fix the coolant leak and get the motor water and oil tight asap.
    New radiator, oil cooler, thermostat, lower sump gasket, power steering cooler and various pipes were sourced and fitted. Front panel was stripped and repainted whilst it was off the car and more cleaning.

    The rear subframe was one of the few bits that were causing me some concern, leaks and rot!!

    Still had some weeks left before the dark nights came in so cracked on and got as much of it stripped and in the garage to mess about with over winter.

    I thought I'd got lucky with the condition of it underneath as it looked great, I was wrong:-(

    After I took the exhaust heat shields off I came across a fair bit of surface rust, luckily it wasn't too bad so haven't had to get the welder out yet.

    Stripped, POR primed, gravitex and POR top coat.

    Arches were perfect so a quick coat of POR to tidy up.

    Luckily managed to get that all done before winter took hold so I could potter away with the bits in the garage.

    Diff and subframe were stripped, luckily subframe wasn't as bad as it looked after my local powder coater blasted it so it was powder coated. The diff took ages to clean and prep for paint, oil seals were done too then painted up.

    Drive shafts were stripped, cleaned and regreased and subframe built back up with new bushes and mounts.

    Rear hub carriers, stripped, painted and new bearings.

    Wishbones are painted with POR and just need to press in the poly bushes and got these to pop on,

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    Bit more progress today before the rain came, managed to get the rear subframe and diff back on the car. It's finally nice to start putting things back together again, small step but feels like a bit of progress.

    Also finally got a set of 5x112 S2 hubs on their way so will be going for the conversion. Obviously now going to need more wheels and luckily discovered OLX, nice clean couple of sets of BBS for much cheapness from eastern Europe:-)

    RC 306, 18x8.5 ET32

    And some RS 710s, 18x8.5 ET32

    Started playing about with colours, stock silver at the back then a medium gunmetal and a darker shade at the front.



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      Nice work
      Cab 2.3E


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        Bit more progress today, Pressed the hubs back in, new ABS sensor cables run and got some of the other bits back on.

        Ended up spending more time pissing about with the exhaust today than anything else. It was sitting on and being polished by the drive shaft flange when I got the car but I was hoping a new set of rubber hangers would cure it but they didn't. A bit of pulling, tweeking and twisting and I finally got it away from the flange. Absolutely hate messing about with exhausts but until I decide what I'm doing engine wise I'll be making do with what I've got.

        Been struggling to find a rear S2 ARB or even an aftermarket alternative so think I'll be sticking the puny original one back on in the mean time, cleaned up and zinc primed ready for top coat.


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          Played with the paint gun

          Got the ARB on, new handbrake cables swapped over and new ABS sensors fitted and wires run up and into the car. Rear end would have been finished but got let down with a set of rear calipers. Bought myself some long nose circlip pliers so going to have a go at stripping my own ones and see if I can free off the handbrake mech. If that goes well I'll rebuild mine and save some ££s.

          And finally my best ever low balling result!!

          Had been looking for an older style Recaros for it but decent ones were way out of my price range then came across these. Made a cheeky offer, then a wee road trip and all was good. Over the moon with them, no electrics to mess with, 3 door tilting and absolutely spotless, like brand new. Chopped the subframe off my existing seats and have been experimenting with various heights before I'll get the welder out when I'm happy with them.


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            More playing, practice and more patience and I've got them to a level I'm happy with!!

            Started stripping the calipers to sort the sticky handbrake, the usual seal had given up and the arms have suffered with corrosion. Ordered up the new bits so will crack on and get the bodies cleaned up and painted.


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              Finally got the subframes for the Recaros sorted, kept changing my mind on how I was going to do them but really happy with what I've came up with. Good height, angle, kept the factory forward/back mech and didn't take the easy route with the rear mounts so they don't infringe on rear passenger foot space.

              And tonight's trial fit just to make sure everything is level and equally spaced etc, not quite sure if I'll use the side cover plates or make my own yet but happy with everything else so they're ready for satin black.


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                Did a mini refurb on the front fogs today as they were cracked, yellowy and looked generally quite grubby, also ditched the Ebay clear indicators for OEM ones as the fit was terrible.

                Some chrome paint,

                New lenses and installed,


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                  Been slowly working my way forward with cleaning, stripping where req'd and painting the underside but my OCD finally got the better of me so starting cleaning up the fuel lines. I wasn't sure what condition they'd be in as I've read of other coupes suffering from badly corroded ones, sort of made sense to start rubbing them back to at least see what state they're in. So far they look great so they'll just be getting painted again with POR15. tedious and boring work so to avoid hypothermia I started on some more interior stuff in between stints outside. I knew I had to do something with the door cards as they were starting to fall apart. I hated the old fashioned fake leather so I've ordered some genuine black Alcantara to hopefully tie in with the new seats. These will be my test to see if I'll up to attempting the headliner and pillar trims:-)

                  Started stripping them, scotch pad and thinners does a good job of removing the old glue.

                  Hopefully the cloth will turn up this week and I can have a bash at them.


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                    Rear brakes rebuild and painted, had a nightmate reassembling the hardbrake mech in the caliper, will just buy calipers next time!!

                    Got a few scabby bits to sort out underneath but couldn't get to them due to the wooden blocks so got some wheels back on to get the blocks out the way.
                    A bit disappointed with it tbh, coils are at the lowest but suppose it'll settle a fraction. I'm not really sure what height I'm aiming for at the moment but it would be nice to have the option of going down a bit more. I'll not be taking the helpers out just yet, will wait till I get the front swapped over and get the car on the level to see what'll look like. I kind of wanted to play about with spacers but the camber and alignments obviously all over the shop so will hang off and get the important bits done first.


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                      Started on the front tonight after work, doesn't look quite as bad as the rear although the inner arch isn't great.


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                        Fronts been keeping me busy,

                        Cleaned up the bad bits,

                        POR15 base coat,


                        And POR15 top coat,

                        Think I'm going stick a pair of new wings on it, they're pretty bad along the lip and I think beyond saving, plus it would bother me if I left them.

                        Also had a wee bush fire, found a 40mm crack in the subframe under the rust which surprised as it's in far better condition than the rear one was, will be easy to patch so not that concerned.


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                          Not really been doing anything exciting just more prepping and painting bits, finally feel like I'm making progress with the ****** bits.

                          Got a nice delivery today,

                          Decided to shell out for OEM wings so hopefully there won't be too many fitment issues, supposed to the last left hand one on the Audi system. Once I get the garage cleaned up I'm going to have a bash at painting them myself, as long as I can get a presentable finish I'll be happy until it goes for full paint.


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                            Still had an annoying oil leak on this so as the subframes off away getting coated thought I'd make the most of the space under the car and do the upper sump gasket. As I thought someone's messed with it before so a 9 helicoils later and another pair of sump gaskets hopefully I'll have an oil tight lump.


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                              Cracked on with the wings, kind of feel I'm going backwards ripping more bits off it but needs must.

                              A lot of cleaning, no rust so straight to paint to tidy it up and some cavity wax in the box sections.

                              Test fitting went well, bit tweeking and got gaps I'm happy with.

                              Even found an old resident in the chassis rail

                              And to cheer me up a bit I blew some of my paint budget on another set of wheels for it,