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  • s0_big
    started a topic Audi RS2 -94 Swe

    Audi RS2 -94 Swe

    Hello! Like i don't have work as it is with keeping my Urs4 and S6 C5 on the road and in good shape i got an offer i couldn't refuse a couple f weeks ago...
    I have an old friend from the school who bought a RS2 in 2011, he was driving it for two years as a summer car. But in 2013 he got some blue smoke in the exhaust and decided to put the car off the road for some maintenance. His intentions was to rebuild the head and turbo at first. But then decided to overhaul the whole engine. He dissasembled the engine and started to collect parts for it. I called him once a year and asked if he could sell the car to me instead but the answer was always the same "no". Until a couple of weeks ago when he contacted me late in the evening and asked if i still was interested to buy the car. OF COURSE i was interested to buy one of my dream cars. I remember growing up and a guy in the same village had a RS2, every since that time it has always been a hidden dream far back in the head to one day have my own. So this week i went to pick my new money eater up for some treatment and care. After 1400km it was finally "home".

    Pickup time, the roof was leaking in water and covered the hood/roof in rust colored ****..


    Mold was starting to grow on the leather seats:


    Car loaded for the 700km drive home:

    When i arrived home after 16 hours of driving it was time to clean and wash the whole car before i was putting it to storage waiting for the engine to be built.

    Car washed and given a quick polish to get rid of all rust water stains:


    Interior cleaned and treated:


    Now it's "just" to assemble the engine. The guy who owned it before i bought it has collected most of the engine parts i need for rebuild. I will take the block to my engine builder and let him check the crank/measurements so its all good. The block will be honed, then get new rings/bearings and gaskets. All parts will be painted and refurbished so it will most likely take some time for me to assemble the package. But when it's done my goal is tho have a wery shiny engine bay looking as close to original as possible.
    Thats all for now, next step is to start assembly the engine block. Wish me luck
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  • s0_big
    Thanks for the engine install advises!

    Got some fresh bolts and brackets back from galvanizing, most for the oil cooler fitting. Also bought some stainess hose clamps, as close to factory i could, most fittings will be "one eared" hose clamps:
    Next week i will hopfully take the car on a trailer back to my/the fathers garage and start cleaning the engine bay. Then it's time to fit the engine. A order on a new turbo will be made next week, genuine KKK24 7200 Rs2 turbo.

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  • _ShurikeN
    When working alone I always use belt/straps wrapped over engine mounts.
    When working with friends - just a big wheeljack and 2-3 pair of hands.

    z_85774737.jpg ​​​​​​​

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  • k.alle
    Cant find pictures when I did it but I think I lifted it on inlet runners (protect the paint) and maybe the EM?
    I attached a chain hoist to the front of the engine to get a tilting point.

    Definitely would remove rad to have some wiggle room when installing.

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  • s0_big
    Garage night today!
    Painted the things i sand blasted yesterday. Then i started to put some more parts on the engine. I will remove some things when i mount the engine, but i want to check so everything fits. It's little of a mess with all bolts when you don't remove them yourself. Even with etka as help it's time consuming. They dont show everything in the right way, luckily we also have help from the internet

    The parts painted and dry:
    Bracket for AC-compressor:
    Bracket for PS-pump
    Bracket for alternator:
    And some other pics:
    I'm starting to feel that its soon time to get the car from storage to the garage for some cleanup before the engine can be fitted.
    One thing that i recognized is that the ABY/ADU engines don't have the lifting point in the back of the engine. My AAN have both front and back lifting points. How do you guys lift this engine in the car?
    My thought was to remove the intake manifold and mount the bracket i have from my AAN engine and then it should be ok. Whats your opinion/options for this? It feels tight with the AC condenser and radiator mounted in the car, do you think they will be in the way when the engine is going back in?

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  • s0_big
    More stuff done today. Stripped the oil cooler/air guide/brackets and blasted the stuff. The oil cooler have seen better days but will work. Also did the generator. Tomorrow i will put some paint on it. Yesterday i blasted and painted a steering pump that i bought some weeks ago, only wanted a hoose but i bought the whole pump just to have one spare and spare hooses. The nuts and bolts to the stuff will be galvanized yellowish, leaving it tomorrow.

    Ps pump before:
    45764-2b0ce389d6e1dd8aa1ac19dbf0f4c8ba.jpg Oil cooler/airguide/hooses before:
    Oil piping after cleaning:
    45764-8d7a4ff2aa76565e935879ab56ad4792.jpg Air guide washed:
    Blasted waiting for paint:

    Oil cooler waiting for paint:

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  • s0_big
    Thank you for the help!

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  • rxl
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  • rxl
    It's broken off normally there is a hole in it and a rubber in the hole. It holds the ground cables for the engine. Had that on my rs2 also broken and damaged the intake hose.

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  • s0_big
    Was at the car today to remove the oil cooler and starter motor for overhaul. I have a bracket on the oil cooler mount that seems to be broken but i can't find out via etka and google what it should look like... Maybe some one here knows what it is?

    The item marked in red is what i want to know, whats it for? whats it should look like:
    Closer pic:

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  • s0_big
    Got some hours on the engine today. Mounted the timingbelt cover. Also washed some hoses and pipings. Slowling getting there =)

    Water/vacuum line mounted behind back cover:

    Outer cover fitted:
    Hoses/pipes cleaned:

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  • s0_big
    Waiting on the money to get my new RS2 turbo.. Meanwhile i've got back my gearbox/engine mounts from anodising. They were raw aluminium when i got them. Turned out nice i think! Without anodising they would look wery unhappy in a couple of years. Better safe than sorry

    Before coat:
    45764-eb34536b34a8760013170e8d73132246.jpg After coating:

    Assembled again:
    Next step, getting the new RS2 turbo. Then i will get the car ready for the engine.

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  • s0_big
    Not much have been done since the vaccation. I have been moving to a bigger apartment as well, so money and time has been priored to this at the moment..
    But! Today i bought the last missing piece of my door trims that were missing for some strange reason. Was not easy to find them all, but at last =) Will take a moment until next update, i need a new tubo, saving up for it now. When the turbo is home, i think i have it all to assemble the car!
    Pictures of the door trims:

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  • Tractor Dave
    Very interesting and unique to your engine! I didn't know that.
    Loving your build pics. Keep them coming.

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  • s0_big
    Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post
    Excellent work! Looks stunning.
    Not sure about the half tooth out but I'm not the person to ask. Don't bin your ARP studs. They are 're useable and arguably better than Reinz. Someone will buy them I'm sure.
    Thanks! The half "tooth" out is not mentioned in any manual, but i trust the forum members,
    No, i wont throw them away, i know the price, have ARP in my Urs4. I can have them just to look at, because they are good looking . But this will be a standard car so the standard head bolts will be just fine.
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