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  • Pearl white coupe revival

    Well, may as well start a project thread....this is gonna take a while.....

    The patient is a 1991 coupe quattro that has been sitting for likely a decade. Outside. In Canada. it is complete however, as dirty and gross as it was when i hauled it outta the field.


    i've spent the past couple days getting the smelly mouldy stuff out and assessing just how silly i have been with this purchase. Last night i determined that i haven't been toooooo dumb. Turns out that while the floor looks terrible inside, it is all just surface rust that will be easily dealt with. As for underneath, considering where it has been, it is PRISTINE! A few more spots of surface rust where the undercoating has peeled away and 1 crunched bit of rocker panel that had about 1/4" of filler on it.


    at any rate, the visa muscle has been flexed and bits and pieces to replace some broken bits and sensors to get it started. I'll need to make it work out hard in a couple off weeks and buy the windshield while i can. 1 guy in new york who brings them in.... 16 hour drive round trip....

    once it's running, i'll establish the final plan of attack. Not rushing, this is gonna take a coupla years lol.

    1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room

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    Good look with the car. Was it just sat outside as it does not look too bad.


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      The first pics i saw of it back in december (i hemmed n hawed about it for 4 months while the asking price dropped lol) clearly showed mud on the wheels to a point that it was clear it had sunk deep into the ground and the floor was touching the soil. Maybe that actually helped in that then air couldn't get at it???

      At any rate, found 2 more holes behind the wheelarch liners.... even still, i feel it is in way better condition for what it's been subjected to and 380,000kms under it's wheels.

      Potentially controversial question: wasn't there someone who put a b5 front end on one of these? I can't find pics anywhere i'm searching now. Perhaps sacrilegious to you guys but you didn't get the godawful bumpers we got lol. Inporting just an s2 bumper skin would cost more than i paid for the car lol. And if i gotta do a crapton of bodywork anyways....
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      1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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        Theres a guy in buffalo that imports bumpers quite often.

        I saw the car for sale and really liked the color, the seller seemed a bit alkward to deal with from seeing his responses to questions.

        The s4 front end does look good but a lot of work as can be seen, the owner is rebuilding it currently.



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          Yeah, i can readily see that's more than sticking the fenders on and making some brackets to keep it all together, looks like the rear arches were modified as well. That's going above my pay grade (skill level!)

          got the sunroof moving manually last night. Any leads on alternatives to the nla seal for the steel panel? The silicone was there because the seal is not lol. I'll have the "luxury" of crap paint for now so i can just tape it up when it gets relegated to living outdoors in the meantime.

          The last of the stripping for now will be the front fenders. I want to get access to everything i can so i can give it a solid washing down soon. Once that is done, my sensors should be here so i can try and get it fired up and final systems assessment. Which reminds me than the seat tracks are completely goobered up.... getting those freed up will be a project in itself....
          1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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            Congrats on the new project. Being in Canada, you have the ability to order from Audi Tradition. So, that might help when looking for new parts.

            Peter Hutt is probably the one in Buffalo to talk to about bumpers. That's who I got my bumper from a few months ago.

            Or the same guy you are getting the windshield from. Reinis is a dealer for Cool-Wheels, who makes some fiberglass replica bumpers. Some people say their bumpers don't fit great, but that kind of goes with the territory when working with fiberglass. There just aren't a lot of options out there.
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              Yup reinis is on the list for the glass. One the car runs, that order will be made. On the femce about the cool wheels bumpers. Fiberglass limitations as you say. In the end, i could get one of those hot staple guns for $50 and fix the cracks in my na bumper and just live life....

              Well versed in audi tradition, they got significant money from me during my s6 restoration lol. That said, it seems much more miss than hit there for B3s.

              Almost have the drivers seat freed up. Just one height adjustement screw still seized. Unfortunately, the memory module let out the smoke. Will see if i can open it up n repair. Otherwise byebye memory seats i suppose.
              1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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                The guy did significant work to that car, including the doors/rear bumper and it has s4 saloon rear lights with custom rear spoiler. He still has it which is good and is bringing it back to its finest.

                Cool wheels products are not good, check this forum for reviews. Its not great and the quality has not improved.

                David Gretzinger is a good source for coupe bits, he has a few breaking currently.


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                  Right, baby steps here, hampered by an ice storm which has knocked out power and likely to remain for at least another day.... intense boredom accompanied by generator buzzing to keep basement from much fun!!!

                  Anyways, in between the pump, generator and firewood, i got both seats freed up and working as well as the sunroof. Brake bleeding is the last order of business untill i get all my bits to try and start the engine again. I have googled it and yes, it seems bleeding is not easy on these, i'll keep at it. Read something mentioning bleeding the abs unit via vcds? That said, to my eye, this config of hose and bleeders on the rear is not right either? Shouldn't the bleeder be above the line?

                  1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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                    Brake bleeding on these are done without computer. 1991 abs doesnt even have a diagnostic option at all. It's simple job, either two man with one pumping brake pedal and other bleeding calipers one by one starting from rear right or single man with brake bleeding tools.
                    Bleeders should be at the top of caliper, looks right there.


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                      Ok, thanks for that. Will kerp trying with my pressure bleeder. I have bled the prob valve and cracked lines to and from abs unit and got fluid out. Got fluid coming from fronts as well, the rears just aren't cooperating yet. Not sure how much it will matter going down my street and back but it'd be nice to confirm everything's coming back to life...
                      1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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                        Yes, there is definitely no computer with the abs module on these but, i will say that my own cq20v never had a great brake pedal until i cycled the pump and solenoids in it while bleeding with preasure bleeder. Since then the pedal has been a lot firmer and with better initial bite. I had tried many many different ways of bleeding prior to that with no success.

                        Have a quick search on s2forum on facebook - the thread is there along with wiring diagrams for the abs module. 3 solenoids and a motor is all it is.

                        Apply bleeding pressure on reservoir (or vaccum at wheel if you prefer)
                        Run abs pump motor
                        Open bleed valve at wheel
                        Cycle solenoid.
                        Repeat for each corner.

                        As for hose and bleed nipple positions... Bleed nipple does need to be above the hose, sort that first or you may never get it bled
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                          I had a quick search on your behalf.

                          Read all of it as there are two different abs modules on these cars and the wiring diagrams are different accordingly.

                          Once you get the right diagram, its easy enough to use jumper wires to activate solenoids. They click so you know its working.



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                            Awsome thanks! I did get fluid to come out eventually though. I can swap lines on one of the calipers but not on the other as the put a repair bleeder in there, the thread is smaller. No matter, this car will likely see a 5x112 swap anyways.

                            i had suspected but couldn't confirm because it had been pushed out of alignment, but the exhaust is the fancy schmacy CAC one from back in the day. And because it's good, absolutely zero corrosion on it.

                            Last thing i need to do underneath the car is wrestle the o2 sensor out. Mickey got his teeth on that too. After that just waiting on parts to get here.

                            Unfortuately i had to spring for the 034 injector update as one of the hitachis is dead dead, and 3 of 5 broke when removing from the rail.... the kit was roughly 1/2 the cost of buying 3 of the last 5 i could find.

                            At any rate, lots of things show up this week, hopefully by next weekend it runs.
                            1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room


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                              I've got a pair of S2 bumpers, maybe Peter Hut aka Acidburn knows of a reasonable way to import them to the US ?

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